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Thanks for visiting us at Edge Investments! We appreciate you stopping by to learn more about us and hope you find some amazing value from our content.

We are an independent media platform dead-set on providing the latest analysis on growth stocks, crypto, and venture capital.

Our goal is to make sense of the convoluted. No BS. No bias.

We focus on growth stocks of all sizes, from nano caps to large caps, but our investment criteria remains very similar regardless.

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Our mission

We’re on a mission to become the #1 trusted source of growth stock insight in North America. We aim to connect ambitious investors with ambitious companies through education and research on the companies behind the stock

Our Vision

To empower and educate investors to find their EDGE and take control of their future with financial freedom

Our methodology is simple:

Behind every stock is a company – find out what it’s doing.
– Peter Lynch

We connect ambitious investors with ambitious companies.

We know the game. Because we’re independent, we move faster and can cover more ground than our competition.

We keep our finger on the pulse, always serving up cutting-edge opportunities and keeping our audience in the loop.

By meeting with CEOs and filming our interviews, we bring our community right into the boardroom.

So Why Us

We love growth stock investing. Like you, we are determined to find the best path toward financial freedom and believe that Edge Investments’ unique strategy will help us get there.

After years of experience as both professional and retail investors, we are putting our knowledge and experience to the test by investing in what we have identified as the best growth stocks available in the market today.

Every week, you can expect us to offer growth stock market updates, individual growth stock analysis, growth stock investing guides, growth stock CEO interviews, and more!

We invite you to join us on our journey as we aim to beat the stock market, one growth stock at a time.

Follow us, join our community, and get your EDGE on growth stock investing.

As we seek to improve our value offering for community members, all of your suggestions are welcome. Please share your thoughts so that we may learn and grow alongside you. If you ever want to learn more about EDGE Investments, or become involved in any way, shape, or form, just contact us at [email protected].

Our Manifesto

At Edge, we love growth stocks. We believe people can build true wealth by intelligently investing in the companies behind the stock.

The stock market is like a black hole; once you enter, you might never leave. With a vast pool of uncommon stocks to choose from, it is often difficult to differentiate the heroes from the hustlers. Yet when you do find that diamond in the rough, those investments could change your life in ways you would have never imagined.

Edge Investments is driven to help find those diamonds by providing investors with the tools and insights necessary to achieve success. By cutting through the noise, Edge discovers businesses with intelligent and honest management, a strong competitive advantage, and long runways into the future.

When searching for stocks, we conduct fundamental research on a shortlist of companies one sector at a time. Each month, we present our community with our favourite companies and summarize our research findings in a digestible format. We encourage our community to do their own research, so part of our philosophy is to create educational content to share our unique investment strategy.

As Edge Investments grows, it is our goal to create a community of confident investors capable of finding financial freedom on their own. Let’s acquire wealth together!

With so many options for investment advice out there, it can be difficult to determine which strategy is best for you. But if you are actively searching for a way to create financial freedom for yourself and your family, we believe that our guide will help you find the success that you are looking for.

Here’s why:

To be the Best, You Must Learn from the Best

There is a reason why legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, consistently beat the market throughout their careers.

No, it is not because they have more IQ points than us.

Nor is it about their exclusive connections, or the mountains of money available at their disposal.

It is because they simplify everything and focus on a few key principles that help guide every investment decision they make.

To learn more about these principles, check out our “Growth Investing: Beginners Guide”

Like them, we apply these principles to our own investment strategy– but with a twist.

We Love Growth Stocks

When someone typically thinks of Warren Buffett, they usually think of value investing. But did you know that Warren is very much a growth investor himself?

Generally, growth investing and value investing are considered two different investment strategies. However, much to the dismay of some institutional investors, these two strategies have a lot more in common than you might think. This is because it is most worthwhile to buy a stock when it is undervalued, while still capitalizing on the businesses that are likely to generate the best returns on our investment.

Buffett describes this as, “buying a wonderful business at a fair price, rather than buying a fair business at a wonderful price.”

Although, to be fair, sometimes there are opportunities where you get the best of both worlds.

Why Growth Stocks?

Growth stocks are particularly valuable to us as investors because they often generate the best returns for our portfolio. This is because these businesses are in the high growth phase of their life cycle, and are striving to increase their presence within their respective markets as quickly as possible.

They do so by reinvesting all of their profits back into the business, which ultimately leads to a greater ROI because they compound cash more effectively compared to dividend-paying stocks or maturing businesses.

stocks graph and coin

Unlike growth stocks, dividend stocks are extremely inefficient in the long run for three reasons:

  1. They are double taxed (once as a business income tax and once as a capital gains tax).
  2. The company couldn’t reinvest the cash usefully.
  3. As an investor, you are now forced to reinvest the cash yourself.

While it definitely feels nice to have the extra money in your pocket from a dividend, we believe that it would be better spent on growing the business since it is likely that the CEO reinvests the cash more effectively than we ever could.

When you find a wonderful business– paired with an exceptional management team– these are the results you are likely to expect.

To emphasize this point, here is an example from Gautam Baid’s book, The Joys of Compounding (2020):

The joys of Compounding (202)

Origin Story

Edge Investments started as the brainchild of Kevan Matheson, Founder & CEO. Prior to starting Edge, Kevan was an Institutional Analyst at RBC Global Asset Management, one of North America’s largest fund managers, with assets under management in excess of $400 billion.

After spending the majority of his career focused on large market capitalization public companies, Kevan became attracted to the risk/reward proposition of growth stocks and cryptocurrency.

In 2017 Kevan published a book on investing in cryptocurrency, where he speculated on the coming growth in NFT’s and the underlying tokens that power their ecosystems. Though his attitude towards these speculative assets soured during the mania of 2021, he continued to search for up and coming industries such as psychedelic medicine, plant-based proteins and other disruptive technologies.

Known in the growth stock community as Small Cap Kev, his passion is finding stocks in disruptive industries and getting early exposure before the slower moving institutions he used to work for.

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