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Are you struggling to create captivating content that truly engages investor audiences?  We understand the challenges you face when trying to build a marketing team and content strategy with limited resources, both in terms of time and money.

Moreover, we are well aware of the substantial costs associated with developing and distributing content that effectively communicates your investment selling points and resonates with potential investors.

But fear not! Allow us to introduce you to Edge’s exceptional content team. As a renowned leader in growth stock coverage and analysis, we possess the expertise to craft precisely the right content that aligns perfectly with your brand and resonates deeply with your target audience.

By becoming a sponsor with us, you will gain exclusive access to our community of enthusiastic investors, providing your business with invaluable opportunities for growth and success. Let Edge Investments be your ally in creating the outstanding coverage that your business truly deserves. Embrace this opportunity and take your investor engagement to new heights with our partner program. Join us today!

What Do the Numbers Say?

How Does It Work?

Become a sponsored Partner of Edge and receive the following…

  • Long-Form Video Content
  • Active Landing Page on
  • Full PR coverage on Social Platforms and
  • Dedicated Introductory Newsletter (Every Six (6) Months*)
  • Sponsored Newsletters (Monthly)
  • 15-20 Short Form Pieces of Video Content for Social Posts

And of course distribution across the Edge network.

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Why Join Our Partner Program?

  1. Significant Exposure to Retail Investors
    • Gain access to over 20,000 investors monthly across our Community.
  2. In-depth Analysis
    • Obtain detailed company write-ups that tell your business’s full story on both our newsletter and partner landing pages.
  3. Real-time Coverage
    • Experience On Demand Press Release coverage on our Instagram, website, and newsletters, that expose our audience to your business updates.
  4. Combining Press Releases with Social Media in the Growth Stock Landscape
    • We understand how to distribute across evolving platforms where Press Releases meet Social
  5. Direct Marketing
    • Introduce your business directly to our audience through personalized newsletters and one-on-one CEO interviews.

Oh and did we mention, it works? Check out this case study from an Edge Partner

Verses Case Study

Our robust strategy and relentless execution significantly enhanced Verses’ market presence and investor trust, catalyzing their growth.

This resulted in a remarkable peak stock price of $3.50 – a testament to the power of a well-executed awareness and engagement strategy.

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