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A Beginner’s Journey in Small-Cap Investing

If you’re anything like me, the hardest part of small-cap investing seems to be finding the time to get started, and staying engaged for long enough to see success.

There seems to be a huge amount of information on the topic of small-cap investing online, with tons of anecdotal stories of how much money everyone is making. There is definitely no lack of so-called experts on the topic, but I found knowing what advice to follow and what to ignore extremely challenging.

This is exactly why I’m putting my money where my mouth is in the small-cap investing space and publicly investing over $1,000 in small-cap stocks while documenting my journey, and hopefully my earnings!

How it All Began

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Edge Investments founder Kevan Matheson and really dove into getting started in investing in small-cap stocks. 

I asked him to take me through the process of investing in small-cap stocks as an individual looking to grow my wealth outside of standard means. 

We had a great conversation, ( I should have totally recorded it for the Edge audience in hindsight, but we can leave that for another day!). 

Kevan broke down smart investing foundations and principles for me in easily understandable terms. We spoke about the importance of understanding what you’re investing in, and guidelines on how to act and react when the signs indicate action is required.

Our conversation wasn’t about quick hacks, or making huge all-in bets like in a game of high-stakes poker, rather it was all about learning sound investing principles and staying on top of your investments, steadily growing your portfolio over time.

Now with all this said and done, if you can save time by following along with a group of investment analysts as they provide in-depth background and knowledge on your trades, why the heck not? 

By subscribing to the Edge investments newsletter you work smarter not harder by getting all this expert advice quickly and easily.

About Me

To give you some background; My name is Ben Dankiw. I would say I’m a basic investor with some experience, and maybe a bit more of an understanding of investing than the average person, but definitely not an active trader, or someone who has truly tapped into the opportunities presented by investing in small-cap stocks.

Full disclosure, I’m a partner in Edge Investments but come in as more of the digital expert to help grow this brand and community.

I have a full-time job amongst other revenue streams and put $1,000/month into my TFSA/RRSPs which I typically put into a WealthSimple investment portfolio as well as purchase ETFs such as Vanguard. I own a house and I’m playing catch-up on my RRSP/TFSA contribution room so I’ll strategically drop funds in there when I make lump amounts in bonuses or dividends.

I mention this to make clear that my investments in small-cap stocks are only a part of my investment portfolio. In our discussion this is something that Kevan stressed time and again; the small-cap space can be risky, and understanding how these types of investments fit into your personal portfolio is extremely important. 

How is This Going to Work?

I’m using Questrade as a Brokerage firm as this is what I’m already set up with.

I’m documenting all of my trades publicly in the Edge Investments group community. My handle is “habaholic” and I’ll be in the group “Edge Investments” on the Blossom App.

[Blossom download and sign up with promo code: EDGE]

I’ll be posting monthly updates on my trades, because honestly who needs the stress of more frequent trade updates from an amateur like me? 

This journey is about growing wealth over time, we are in it for the long haul not just talking about ones off big trades that turned out well.

With all of this in mind let’s kick things off! 

September 2022 Trade

On September 1st, 2022 I made my first trade informed by content from Edge Investments:

On Sep 01, 2022 at 09:11:44 pm ET I purchased 20 HIMX shares.

HIMX stock trade receipt

Two newsletters from Edge Investments in particular: You won’t believe this is a small-cap stock, and The most valuable industry in the world, convinced me that the Himax Technologies stocks (HIMX) was a great opportunity to start this small-cap investing journey off with.

In both these articles Edge Investments provide compelling information that solidified this microchip small-cap stock in my mind. 


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