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Airbnb’s ($ABNB) Record Breaking Quarter

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A Quick Market Recap

The Fed Raises Rates like its 2008

The battle against rampant inflation continues as US Federal Reserve dropped its fourth consecutive 75 basis point hike on the financial markets.

Despite pleas from the likes of Cathie Wood, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the United Nations, the Fed remains unfazed as they hone in on curbing costs for American citizens.

When discussing future rate hikes, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said,  “We still have some ways to go. Since our last meeting, incoming data suggest that the ultimate level of interest rates will be higher than previously expected.”

Although things appeared to be looking up in recent weeks, the Fed’s hawkish stance hints at more drama to come.

Here is how major indexes performed this week:

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Top News

Source: CriptoNoticias

Block ($SQ) stock soars on strong Q3 performance

Whether you love him or hate him, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s polarizing founder, is finding renewed success through his disruptive payments company, Block Inc.

After a brutal sell-off of the company’s stock in 2022, falling 63.41% YTD, Jack is back with a strong Q3 performance.

💯 Here are the Q3 results (YoY):

  • Transaction Rev.: $1.517 billion, up 17.03%
  • Subscription & Service-based Rev.: $1.191 billion, up 71.50%
  • Hardware Rev.: $0.043 billion, up 16.46%
  • Net Income.: -$0.014 billion

💪 Formerly known as Square, Block showed strong growth, despite other payment companies warning about upcoming slowdowns due to macroeconomic effects.

💰 Its Cash App business reported $774 million in gross profit, up 51% YoY, while its point-of-sale company (Square) reported $783 million in gross profit, up 29% YoY.

🌅 CEO Jack Dorsey commented, “our long-term vision is to build a more dynamic checkout experience, which enables a much more fluid checkout than what you see today. […] We’re not there yet with the experience.”

📈 $SQ was up 9.79% on Friday and is trading at a market cap of $37.39 billion.

Which will be more successful in 10 years: Block Inc or Twitter?

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Source: Globe Echo

The US and UAE team up to invest billions in clean energy

As global energy powerhouses, the US and United Arab Emirates (UAE) seem like an unlikely pair during what appears to be a heated competition over international energy dominance.

Nonetheless, these two entities have set aside their differences and are focusing on what matters most, a sustainable future for us all.

🌱 The partnership aims to mobilize $100 billion in investment, financing, and other support to produce 100 gigawatts of clean energy by 2035.

🦅 The White House described the partnership as a significant achievement for President Joe Biden’s climate agenda.

⚡️ Sultan Al Jaber, the CEO of ADNOC, commented on the partnership stating, “energy is everybody’s top priority” today as “a perfect storm” hits the global energy landscape […] “the world needs maximum energy, minimum emissions.”

🤝 The “Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy” (PACE) encompasses four main pillars:

  1. the development of clean energy innovation and supply chains
  2. managing carbon and methane emissions
  3. nuclear energy
  4. industrial and transport decarbonization

🚨 Speaking of clean energy, check out our recent interview with the CEO of the leading renewable natural gas company in Canada. 🚨

Airbnb tumbles despite the record-breaking quarter

It really is a strange time in the stock market when a company over delivers, yet is punished for an uncertain future.

While Airbnb continues to exceed expectations, the reality is that no one truly knows where the market is headed, and investors are doing the most to avoid costly mistakes.

🥳 Airbnb recorded its highest revenue and most profitable quarter yet, with revenue jumping 29% to $2.88 billion and earnings being $1.2 billion.

🏡 The home-sharing company reported 99.7 million nights and experiences booked in Q3, falling short of Wall Street’s estimate of 99.9 million.

🏖 CEO Brian Chesky noted that bookings likely surged due to pent-up summer demand after two years of Covid-19 and that, “regardless of continued macro uncertainties, we believe we’re well positioned for the road ahead.”

🌆 The company informed shareholders that it expects daily average rates to moderate due to a strong dollar and a shift in demand for inner-city rentals, which end to have lower rates; they expect Q4 revenue to be between $1.80 billion to $1.88 billion.

🤯 $ABNB is down 17.45% this week, trading at a P/E of 45.68 and a market cap of $60.47 billion.

Are you bullish on Airbnb?

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Apple’s market is now worth as much as Alphabet, Amazon and Meta combined.

It’s only been a year since all of these companies were living their best lives, achieving a combined market cap of $8.15 trillion.

Since then, they have wiped $3.5 trillion together and are down -25.33% ($APPL), -43.05% ($GOOG), -51.94% ($AMZN), -76.33% ($META) respectively.

But to measure whether or not Apple is truly worth all these companies combined, let’s look at how they performed financially over the last year.

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