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10 of the Best Investing Youtube Channels

  • Austin Still

    Austin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and brings over 10 years of investing experience. With a belief the most important decision investors make when buying stocks is the price paid, Austin aims to blend growth with value by finding companies with accelerating growth combined with a discounted valuation. More specifically, Austin’s expertise lies in the technology sector, identifying businesses showing strong growth, a lasting competitive advantage, and sound fundamentals, paired with a valuation that supports further stock price appreciation.

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Top Investing YouTube Channels:

  1. Meet Kevin
  2. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing
  3. Investopedia
  4. Warrior Trading
  5. The Financial Diet
  6. Mark J. Kohler
  7. I/O Fund
  8. Brian Feroldi
  9. Debt Free Millennials
  10. Y-Combinator

With more than 3.7 million videos getting uploaded to YouTube every day, getting access to informative videos regarding which stocks to buy or what is happening in financial markets has never been easier.

A person watching youtube investing channels

However, having this incredible amount of information at your fingertips doesn’t necessarily mean the information being provided is accurate, trustworthy, or even useful.

To cut through this misinformation and poor quality, we wanted to give our readers a list of the best investing YouTube channels available today.

Whether you’re a new investor who is just trying to understand financial markets in general, or a more advanced trader looking to get actionable intelligence on proper trade setups, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll cover topics like real estate investing, day trading, and personal finance, giving readers a cut-and-dry look at the best YouTube channels that are actually providing valuable content to investors.

1.) Meet Kevin

Meetkevin.com background

Meet Kevin is by far one of the best investing YouTube channels for individuals interested in the world of real estate investing.

Kevin was a former real estate agent who transacted over $130 million in real estate deals since 2015. In 2018, Kevin decided to share his vast knowledge of real estate investing on YouTube, and has since exploded in popularity with almost 2 million subscribers.

This channel will give everything viewers need to better understand the ins and outs of the real estate market and how best to allocate their capital. Whether it’s buying your first home, flipping a house, or understanding how to grow your portfolio, Meet Kevin will give you the strong foundation needed to achieve investing success.

Additionally, Meet Kevin also touches on other subjects like investing in the stock market, personal finance, and how to build passive income streams.

Meet Kevin YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Best all-around investing YouTube channel giving viewers both insightful investment advice (on both stocks and real estate), as well as a comprehensive financial education.

Cons: Some investment opportunities highlighted are higher risk and may not be appropriate for risk-averse or newer investors.

  • Current Subscribers: 1.85 million
  • New videos released: Meet Kevin posts new videos almost every day, with most days having multiple new videos
  • YouTube channel focus: Real estate investing, while also touching on other investment options like stocks and crypto
  • Best for: Real estate investors and those who want a broad overview of investing in different asset classes

2.) Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

rule #1 investing

Next on our list is Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing YouTube channel. Mr. Town was a former hedge fund manager and is the author of 3 best-selling investment-focused books.

This YouTube channel introduces viewers to the investment world with an emphasis on value investing principles. From analyzing stock fundamentals, performing proper risk management, navigating a bear market, or better understanding investor psychology, this YouTube channel is a phenomenal resource for both new and advanced investors alike.

Rule #1 Investing YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Gives investors the resources they need to make their own investment decisions and better understand how to manage risk, build a diversified portfolio, and find long-term, investment success.

Cons: Investment strategy is confined to value investing principles and does not provide much information on other strategies.

  • Current Subscribers: 431k
  • New videos released: Every Tuesday and Friday
  • YouTube channel focus: Investing fundamentals with a focus on value investing strategies
  • Best for: Beginner investors and those looking to better understand value investing

3.) Investopedia

investopedia logo

Investopedia is a great channel for individuals looking to get an extensive financial education.

This channel has an infinite number of educational videos all geared toward the stock market and how to better understand the world of finance.

From personal finance topics like creating a budget to stock picking 101, to understanding how macroeconomics affects financial markets, the Investopedia YouTube channel is an incredible resource for any investor regardless of experience level.

Whether you’re looking to improve your financial life, build wealth, or simply just build the confidence needed to start investing, you can be rest assured the information provided by Investopedia is fact-checked, comprehensive, and applicable to your own life.

Investopedia YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: An invaluable resource for all investors to learn more about various financial and investing topics.

Cons: Doesn’t provide actionable advice on possible investment opportunities. New videos are released on an irregular schedule.

  • Current Subscribers: 229k
  • New videos released: Investopedia’s release schedule can be a little unpredictable though videos are usually released in batches once every few months
  • YouTube channel focus: Educational videos on finance and the stock market
  • Best for: New investors and those who are looking to improve their understanding of financial concepts

4.) Warrior Trading

warrior trading logo

Warrior Trading was started 7 years ago by Ross Cameron, who developed a truly successful online trading system that he now shares with viewers on a regular basis.

Warrior Trading won’t be focusing on value investing or long-term stock picking, rather this YouTube channel will be solely focused on making fast trades in and out of the stock market based on various technical indicators.

Many of the reviews from Warrior Trading tout the system Mr. Cameron created as giving them the ability to achieve financial freedom and build a near-passive income stream they can rely on monthly.

With over 1 million subscribers, Warrior Trading has become an extremely popular YouTube channel for day traders around the world. Here you’ll find no shortage of tips, trading opportunities, and proper risk management techniques from a successful trader’s perspective.

It should be noted however, this channel isn’t for beginners, as day trading carries significantly more risk than other forms of investing. While Mr. Cameron has developed a proven system of success, investors should ensure they understand the strategies and risks involved before beginning to actively trade stocks.

Warrior Trading YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Provides a tested and verified method for active traders to make successful trades.

Cons: Investing strategies shown are higher risk and can mislead viewers into thinking day trading is a guaranteed source of income.

  • Current Subscribers: 1.02 million
  • New videos released: New videos are released each weekday, with some days having multiple new videos
  • YouTube channel focus: Day trading
  • Best for: Day traders and experienced investors

5.) The Financial Diet

the financial diet logo

When searching for the best personal finance YouTube channels, a clear standout comes from The Financial Diet, which in their own words “talks about personal finance in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry”.

On this channel, founder Chelsea Fagan walks you through all things personal finance related. Whether you’re looking to talk money, early retirement, stock market investing, building wealth, or why you should have multiple savings accounts, you’re sure to find invaluable knowledge on how to manage your finances.

Financial Diet YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Best personal finance YouTube channel, giving investors everything they need to get their financial house in order.

Cons: Most of the content is basic personal finance advice (because the basics work best when it comes to personal finance), however, those interested in more advanced personal finance/ investment strategies may not be interested in the topics covered.

  • Current Subscribers: 998k
  • New videos released: 2-3 videos are released each week
  • YouTube channel focus: Personal finance
  • Best for: Those who want to learn simple tricks, techniques, and strategies to better manage their money

While You Are At It…

Edge investments logo

Check out the Edge Investments YouTube channel too! At Edge Investments, we provide in-depth discussions on the most promising investment opportunities in the stock market.

Discover one-on-one interviews with industry-leading CEOs and acquire insights into the hottest investment markets in the world. Whether it is artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, or sustainable energy, our team is committed to finding businesses with enduring competitive advantages and massive growth runways. Explore Edge Investments and level your investment game today!

6.) Mark J. Kohler

mark j kohler logo

By being an accredited CPA, lawyer, and best-selling author, Mark J. Kohler gives a unique perspective on the investing world that subscribers won’t get elsewhere.

Mr. Kohler’s channel covers much more than just investing topics, as he also discusses other important areas like how to pay less in taxes or how to create a diversified real estate portfolio. He also makes content geared towards helping entrepreneurs build and manage their businesses, giving this YouTube channel a truly unique value proposition to subscribers.

Mark J. Kohler YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Combines investing advice with other extremely important topics like optimizing tax payments or building a business, from a professional accountant and lawyer.

Cons: Some topics covered may be confusing for investing/tax beginners.

  • Current Subscribers: 302k
  • New videos released: Usually 1 new video per week
  • YouTube channel focus: Tax tips, real estate investing, small business growth
  • Best for: Real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and those wanting to learn more about optimizing their tax payments

7.) I/O Fund

io fund logo

Run by up-and-coming portfolio manager/investment analyst Beth Kindig, the IO-Fund has quickly become one of the most successful growth-oriented subscription services on the market.

The IO-Fund specializes in identifying high-growth potential technology stocks for their subscribers, as well as providing detailed technical analysis showing where markets are likely heading.

This is a great YouTube channel for those interested in technology and high growth stocks, who want a detailed analysis of which companies are positioned to outperform the market, as well as when to buy aggressively or when to hold cash.

The IO-Fund is a newer YouTube channel with a little over 5000 subscribers, however, the analysis, research, and information contained in each video warrant the attention of all serious investors.

IO-Fund Youtube Channel Summary

Pros: Incredible resource for technology and growth investors looking for actionable intelligence on what to buy and when to sell.

Cons: Research and advice are limited solely to growth stocks.

  • Current Subscribers: 5.22k
  • New videos released: New video released every Wednesday with some variability
  • YouTube channel focus: Technology stocks, growth investing
  • Best for: Experienced growth investors

8.) Brian Feroldi

brian feroldi logo

Brian Feroldi began his investing career in 2015 with the well-known investment firm The Motley Fool and has recently decided to branch out on his own by starting his own YouTube channel.

With the goal of “spreading financial wellness,” Mr. Feroldi makes videos covering a wide range of different investment topics. Geared toward investing beginners, this channel is a great resource for those who want to invest in the stock market but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Brian will walk viewers through a company’s financial statements, explaining what different metrics, ratios, and figures mean, as well as why or why not a specific company could be a potential investment opportunity.

Brian Feroldi YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Brian is incredible at walking viewers through a company’s financial statements, and explaining complex topics in simple ways.

Cons: Focus is on individual companies and lacks content surrounding macroeconomic analysis.

  • Current Subscribers: 66.2k
  • New videos released: New video released every Wednesday
  • YouTube channel focus: Company analysis and identifying potential investment opportunities
  • Best for: Investors wanting detailed fundamental analysis on various stocks

9.) Debt Free Millennials

debt free millennials logo

Debt Free Millennials was started by Justine Nelson, who paid off $35,000 of student loans in 2.5 years on a meager $37,000 annual income.

This YouTuber wanted to share her experience and knowledge surrounding the best ways to pay off large sums of debt quickly and efficiently. Here you’ll find every budgeting and wealth hacker tip you can imagine, as well as information on other important topics like building passive income streams and preparing for a possible recession.

Debt Free Millennials has a stockpile of video content dedicated to helping individuals escape debt and find financial freedom.

Debt Free Millennials YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Provides countless examples, strategies, and simple steps to reducing debt.

Cons: Some topics (like what the cost of living is in Los Angeles) may not be relevant to all viewers. Subscribers may have to do some digging to find content focused on their specific situation.

  • Current Subscribers: 62.5k
  • New videos released: 1-2 new videos released on a varying schedule
  • YouTube channel focus: Paying off debt, reducing expenses, and managing finances
  • Best for: Younger investors wanting who may be struggling with managing expenses or large amounts of debt

10.) Y-Combinator

y-combinator logo

Rounding out our list, we have Y-Combinator which is a YouTube page dedicated solely to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Why do we have a startup business YouTube channel on our list you ask?

Well, Investing doesn’t always happen in the stock market, and sometimes, the best investment you can make comes from investing in yourself.

With this in mind, whether you’re still at the idea generation stage or ready to take the plunge into full-time entrepreneurship, Y-Combinator is a great resource for those who lack experience in building a business from the ground up but are eager to learn.

Covering topics like getting your first customer, bringing in outside investments, or how to ensure a healthy relationship between co-founders, this YouTube page will give everything prospective business owners need to turn their business idea into a full-fledged company.

Y-Combinator YouTube Channel Summary

Pros: Shows viewers that anyone can become an entrepreneur and provides a simple framework viewers can follow to find business success.

Cons: Many videos, being over 30 mins long, can have an overwhelming amount of content in a single episode.

  • Current Subscribers: 854k
  • New videos released: new videos released once every 2 weeks
  • YouTube channel focus: Helping entrepreneurs build a successful startup
  • Best for: New entrepreneurs and those wanting to learn about starting a business from scratch

Final Word

YouTube is singlehandedly changing the game when it comes to learning how to properly invest and manage your money.

MeetKevin makes the top of our list as the most well-rounded investing YouTube channel. For day traders, Warrior Trading is an absolute must, and if you’re looking for simple personal finance tips be sure to check out The Financial Diet.

The list we’ve provided certainly isn’t exhaustive, as there are many other channels not listed above that are still providing viewers with impressive financial content. Don’t hesitate to try all the channels we mentioned above, as well as others that might not have made the list.

Getting information from as many different perspectives, expertise areas, and topics is the best way to set yourself up for lasting financial success.




We are not brokers, investment, or financial advisers; you should not rely on the information herein as investment advice. If you are seeking personalized investment advice, please contact a qualified and registered broker, investment adviser, or financial adviser. You should not make any investment decisions based on our communications. Our stock profiles are intended to highlight certain companies for YOUR further investigation; they are NOT recommendations. The securities issued by the companies we profile should be considered high risk and, if you do invest, you may lose your entire investment. Please do your own research before investing, including reading the companies’ public filings, press releases, and risk disclosures. The company provided information in this profile, extracted from public filings, company websites, and other publicly available sources. We believe the sources and information are accurate and reliable but we cannot guarantee it. The commentary and opinions in this article are our own, so please do your own research.
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  • Austin Still

    Austin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and brings over 10 years of investing experience. With a belief the most important decision investors make when buying stocks is the price paid, Austin aims to blend growth with value by finding companies with accelerating growth combined with a discounted valuation. More specifically, Austin’s expertise lies in the technology sector, identifying businesses showing strong growth, a lasting competitive advantage, and sound fundamentals, paired with a valuation that supports further stock price appreciation.

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