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  • Austin Still

    Austin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and brings over 10 years of investing experience. With a belief the most important decision investors make when buying stocks is the price paid, Austin aims to blend growth with value by finding companies with accelerating growth combined with a discounted valuation. More specifically, Austin’s expertise lies in the technology sector, identifying businesses showing strong growth, a lasting competitive advantage, and sound fundamentals, paired with a valuation that supports further stock price appreciation.

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Before diving into our top investing podcasts and what makes them so great, our number 1 best investing podcast (for both beginners and experienced investors alike) comes from Barron’s Live. Balancing both trending financial news, industry analysis, and potential stock picks, makes this a superb show guaranteed to provide an abundance of value in every episode.

Rewind 20 years ago and the only way to get advice about the stock market was from a professional money manager. Everyone seemed to have “a guy” that would make their investment decisions for them and for anyone that was interested in learning more about the stock market themselves, for the most part, they were simply out of luck.

Fast forward to today and there is almost an overload of investing resources to learn from. While more information is great, at times the amount of investment advice and strategies can be overwhelming for those just starting out.

To help cut through the noise we’ve provided our top 10 best investing podcasts for both newbie investors and seasoned traders.

Covering topics like personal finance, real estate investing, financial news, and sound investing strategies, these investment podcasts will provide any investor with a strong framework for lasting financial success.

1.) Barron’s Live

Barron's Live Investment Podcast

First beginning in 1921, Barron’s is one of the most well-respected investment newsletters in the world today.

More recently, Barron’s has started their own investing podcast hosted by various industry experts. The podcast covers a wide range of different topics including relevant investment strategies, stock picks, industry forecasts, money management ideas, and more.

Each episode brings with it a wealth of relevant information surrounding financial markets and is a great investment podcast for both beginners and more advanced investors.

This podcast brings on both professional investors, economists, and financial journalists to help give listeners a complete overview of what’s happening in the financial world today.

Barron’s Live Stats

  • New episode released: every weekday
  • Average episode length: 30-40 mins
  • Topics covered: Stock market news, economic data analysis, industry forecasts, stock coverage
  • Best for: new investors and those looking to stay on top of trending finance topics
  • Pros: Great for trending market news, economic updates, industry analysis, and stock ideas
  • Cons: Limited discussion and coverage on day trading techniques/opportunities

2.) The Investing Podcast for Beginners: Your Path to Financial Freedom

The Investing for Beginners Podcast Investment Podcast

The title says it all for this top-quality podcast. Your hosts Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern walk listeners through complex financial concepts and break them down into manageable bite-size chunks. This is a great podcast for those who are just beginning to dip their toes in the investment world but aren’t sure where to start.

From understanding a company’s financials to even learning the difference between dividend and growth investing, this podcast will give any new investor the confidence they need to take control of their own financial future.

Additionally, this investing podcast is a great refresher for more experienced investors, especially in times of market volatility and uncertainty.

The Investing Podcast for Beginners Stats

  • New episode released: Every Monday and Thursday
  • Average episode length: 30 mins
  • Topics covered: Basic investing principles, Q&A sessions from listeners, expert guest interviews, deep dives into individual stocks
  • Best for: New investors and those looking to brush up on the fundamentals of investing
  • Pros: Explains basic investing principles in easy to understand concepts and examples
  • Cons: Can get repetitive for intermediate to advanced investors

3.) RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast

Rise Investment Podcast

Real estate investing can be complicated and difficult for everyday investors to break into. Large amounts of capital is typically needed and investors need to be aware of the intricacies of purchasing real estate for investment purposes – not every house or condo makes a great investment.

The RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast brings successful real estate investors onto their show. These guests break down exactly how they got started, the lessons they learned along the way, and what they would do differently if they could go back in time.

This is a great podcast to hear how people broke into the real estate market.

RISE Real Estate Investing Stats

  • New episode released: Bi-weekly
  • Average episode length: 50 mins – 1hr
  • Topics covered: Real estate investing, interviews with industry experts
  • Best for: New investors in the real estate market
  • Pros: Get to hear from everyday people on how they overcame the challenges associated with real estate investing
  • Cons: Doesn’t usually cover trending real estate investment trends such as interest rates, market forecasts, etc.

4.) Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool Money Investment Podcast

The Motley Fool is an investment company that has been providing successful stock picks and invaluable investing education resources for decades.

The Motley Fool Money is one of their most popular podcasts and is hosted by long-time host Chris Hill with a team of Motley Fool investment analysts. The show covers current financial and business news, while also giving listeners unique investment ideas based on current trends and fundamental analysis.

From covering an entire industry, reviewing a single company, or discussing how world events will affect the stock market moving forward, this is one of the best investing podcasts to get a wide view of financial markets.

Motley Fool Money Stats

  • New episode released: Every Friday
  • Average episode length: 30-40 mins
  • Topics covered: Investing news, individual stocks, industry analysis, personal finance
  • Best for: Investors looking for a well-rounded perspective of financial markets
  • Pros: Valuable resource for long-term investors looking for new stock ideas
  • Cons: Lacks guidance on when to sell stocks or hold cash

5.) Nerd Wallet’s Smart Money Podcast

Nerdwallet Smart Money Investment Podcast

Nerd Wallet’s Smart Money Podcast is dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial independence.

Instead of focusing purely on global financial markets, this podcast helps investors better understand personal finance topics like creating a budget, high-yield credit investing, student loan forgiveness, saving for retirement, or hearing about successful investing stories.

Here you will find all the information you need about proper money management and how to create a better financial future for you and your loved ones.

Nerd Wallet’s Smart Money Podcast Stats

  • New episode released: Usually every Tuesday and Thursday with some variability
  • Average episode length: 20-30 mins
  • Topics covered: Personal finance, side hustles, investing, investment psychology, money management
  • Best for: Those looking to understand sound money management principles
  • Pros: Gives actionable, simple, and realistic ways for everyone (not just investors) on how to reduce expenses and better manage their money
  • Cons: Some episodes can be very specific (ex. budgeting for a wedding) which may not apply to everyone

6.) Money Talks Podcast From the Economist

Modey Talks Podcast from The Economist

Shifting away from the more traditional investing podcasts, the Money Talks Podcast by the Economist gives a unique insight into markets, the economy, and the world of business.

What you won’t find here are basic investing topics covered or industry experts analyzing a stock’s fundamentals. Instead, you’ll find how globalization is changing the investment world or the shifting ideology of Silicon Valley and how that may affect public markets in the future.

Money Talks will analyze the current events and shifting dynamics in the financial world and give listeners invaluable insight into how markets are changing and what is likely coming next. This isn’t for beginner investors as those tuning in should already have a strong financial background and the ability to understand how world events influence public markets.

Money Talks Podcast Stats

  • New episode released: Every Thursday
  • Average episode length: 35-45 mins
  • Topics covered: Business news, economic data analysis, geopolitical events
  • Best for: Experienced investors or those looking to understand long-term investment/business trends
  • Pros: Unmatched analysis and coverage on global business and financial news
  • Cons: Isn’t always obvious as to how events will affect investors portfolio’s

7.) Bankless

Bankless Investment Podcast

No longer is the world of investing confined to stocks and bonds. Now there are cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, and more.

Bankless is one of the oldest crypto-focused podcasts on the market today and is geared towards providing listeners with crypto investing insights, new tokens to consider, how DeFi is changing the world of finance, and more.

You’ll need to carve out some time to get through an episode (as many run over an hour long) and listeners should also have a basic understanding of the crypto world. Some episodes can get quite technical in blockchain technology or crypto token analysis.

As far as crypto investing podcasts go, Bankless is unmatched in its detail, coverage, and unique analysis of this new investment world.

Bankless Podcast Stats

  • New episode released: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Average episode length: 1hr-1hr 30 mins
  • Topics covered: Crypto news, emerging tokens, NFTs, blockchain tech, crypto regulation
  • Best for: Crypto investors
  • Pros: Podcast solely focused on crypto markets, giving coverage on trending news, as well as analyzing new and existing tokens/cryptos
  • Cons: Can be difficult to finish an episode in one sitting

8.) We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires Investment Podcast

In order to invest like the best, we need to think like the best. There’s no better podcast for showing how billionaire investors like Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, or Howard Marks invest their capital than We Study Billionaires.

With over 30 million downloads and a flagship product of the investor’s podcast network, your hosts will shed light on billionaire investment strategies, asset allocation techniques, proper risk management, various investing tips, and many other topics.

Not only does this podcast cover the strategies of billionaires, but they also explain (in simple concepts) how to apply these investment strategies to one’s own portfolio. If you’re looking for a different take on how to properly invest money into the stock market then look no further – We Study Billionaires will give you all the investment advice you need.

We Study Billionaires Stats

  • New episode released: 3-4 episodes released weekly
  • Average episode length: 1hr
  • Topics covered: Billionaire investment strategies
  • Best for: Investor’s looking for proven investment strategies
  • Pros: Provides unique insight into how billionaires built their fortune and invest their money
  • Cons: Beginner investors may struggle to understand the terminology, strategies, and concepts discussed

9.) InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast

InvestED Investment Podcast

Hedge funds are known to attract the most successful investors on Wall Street, so what better way to learn about global financial markets than from a previous hedge fund manager?

Phil Town and his daughter Danielle show listeners how to start investing, as well as provide real-time examples of when financial experts would be buying and selling equities.

They cover a wide range of topics including value investing strategies, stock market fundamentals, how to invest on your own, how to perform a proper risk analysis, and more.

This podcast is a great beginner’s podcast and will introduce listeners to the investing world slowly and smoothly.

InvestED Podcast Stats

  • New episode released: Every Tuesday
  • Average episode length: 30 mins
  • Topics covered: Stock market education, stock picking, risk management, investing strategy
  • Best for: Beginner investors
  • Pros: Strong emphasis on walking through complicated financial concepts slowly, ensuring all listeners can build a solid financial foundation
  • Cons: Has a narrow focus on value investing principles

10.) Invest Like the Best

Invest like the Best Investment Podcast

When making a list of the best investing podcasts, no list would be complete without Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Invest Like the Best.

This podcast has no shortage of in-depth conversations with investment professionals and business leaders, who are shedding light on their methods, ideas, strategies, and insights on all things finance.

This is a great podcast for not only investors but also entrepreneurs, business strategists, and anyone interested in hearing from CEO’s of multi-billion dollar companies.

From how government policy will translate to stock market implications, exciting new trends in the technology world, or how private equity and venture capital markets are comparing to public financial markets, this podcast is sure to entertain and educate listeners all at once.

Invest Like the Best Stats

  • New episode released: Every Tuesday
  • Average episode length: 1 hr
  • Topics covered: Interviews with CEO’s, professional investors, entrepreneurs, and economists
  • Best for: All investors looking for new ideas, perspective, and investment strategies
  • Pros: Unique podcast giving listeners the opportunity to find potential investment ideas, while also hearing from successful CEO’s and stock market analysts
  • Cons: Some episodes cover highly technical topics which can be difficult to understand or not relevant to some investors

Final Takeaway

So there you have it, a quick round-up of the best investment podcasts on the market today.

From real estate investing, learning about cryptocurrencies, or trying to understand how the reopening of China’s economy will affect inflation, this list should help listeners get a firm grasp on what’s moving markets and how best to allocate their capital.

Our personal favorite comes in the form of Barron’s Live, which not only shows investor’s what is happening in financial markets today, but also covers a wide range of topics from options trading, long-term investing, and even the occasional personal finance tip.

Besides Barron’s, the Motley Fool Money podcast provides an endless supply of potential investment ideas. Money Talks from The Economist shines a light on how business, politics, and other events impact equity markets and economies. Try all three to get a complete overview of the investment world.

The 3 podcasts listed above are certainly our personal favorites, however, depending on what you’re looking for others might be best suited for you. Don’t hesitate to try multiple podcasts on the list in order to get a broader perspective and deeper knowledge base of the infinite ways people are managing their finances and investing their hard-earned money.





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  • Austin Still

    Austin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and brings over 10 years of investing experience. With a belief the most important decision investors make when buying stocks is the price paid, Austin aims to blend growth with value by finding companies with accelerating growth combined with a discounted valuation. More specifically, Austin’s expertise lies in the technology sector, identifying businesses showing strong growth, a lasting competitive advantage, and sound fundamentals, paired with a valuation that supports further stock price appreciation.

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