Biotech Company Gains Confidence with Promising Clinical Trial Results

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There are plenty of reasons to keep an eye on companies developing new ways to treat massively prevalent diseases. A few stocks on our watchlist have been targeting obesity (40% of U.S. citizens) and depression (7% of U.S. citizens), among others.  

So, what about a company looking to treat a segment of the world’s greatest cause of death: Cardiovascular Disease?  

When a company is looking to solve a US$30 billion per year cardiovascular problem by utilizing an ultra-pure, pharmaceutically produced version of cannabidiol (CBD) that is proven to reduce inflammation, we constantly monitor the company’s progress.  

Staying financially healthy while making sound advancements within research and development is a feat that not all ambitious scientific organizations can accomplish, so we’re happy to see it (and we’ll show you why you should be too!). 

So Far, So Good  

In proper capital market fashion, 2020 was quite the year for Cardiol Therapeutics (CANADA: CRDL) (U.S.: CRTPF) (FRANKFURT: CT9). The company made excellent progress in their research and clinical development programs, while simultaneously enhancing the strength of their financial position.  

Treating acute inflammatory heart disease has been a primary target for Cardiol. Their pharmaceutically produced, extra-strength, oral formulation of cannabidiol – dubbed CardiolRx™, has received IND (Investigational New Drug) approval from the FDA for the company to conduct a strategic Phase II/III clinical trial on patients suffering from COVID-19.  

Keep in mind, this trial is meant to treat the amplified cardiovascular complications within patients hospitalized due to COVID-19.  

Pre-existing heart problems + COVID-19 = amplified heart complications = lesser chance of survival.  

Cardiol Is Looking To Help Change That.  

With the freedom to investigate the impact of CardiolRx’s cardioprotective properties, the company is now able to assess the efficacy of their proprietary drug within the following outcomes of their patient population:  

  • All-cause mortality.  
  • Requirement of ICU admission/ventilatory support.  
  • Cardiovascular complications, such as heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, myocarditis, and strokes.  

Proven treatment of Cardiol’s product within the aforementioned conditions in patients with COVID-19 would show significant promise for the effectiveness of CardiolRx for the treatment of cardiovascular-related issues across the globe.  

If the outcomes of this study are successful, CardiolRx may be granted an emergency use authorization and/or a new drug application – both posing a huge breakthrough for the company’s product. The clinical data in respect to the therapeutic potential of their drug will prove invaluable in the treatment of one of America’s leading causes of death.  

Not to mention the annual US$30 billion it costs taxpayers.  

How Could CardiolRx Be Administered?  

An entirely new approach, a subcutaneous (SC) formulation of cannabidiol remains a preferred delivery method. Subcutaneous means the drug is injected, through the skin.  

Cardiol-sponsored study recently presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 69th Annual Scientific Session & Expo together with the World Congress of Cardiology displayed some significant benefits of the SC method.  

  • Reduced hypertrophy.  
  • Decreased Fibrosis.  
  • Dose-dependent reduction of key inflammation markers.  
  • Lower B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) expression – BNP tests measure the amount of protein made by your heart and blood vessels, a level too high leads to higher chances of heart failure. 

The studies were conducted in an experimental model of non-ischemic heart failure, which means the general decrease of heart function, not solely or directly related to the reduction of oxygen due to heart attacks or artery blockage.  

Patients of any kind who should not take THC are part of a poorly served segment of the C$600 million medicinal cannabinoid market in Canada. Cardiol’s commercial product, Cortalex™, was launched across Canada online in late 2020 through Shoppers Drug Mart’s portal Medical Cannabis by Shoppers. The product fulfills and addresses the growing demand from pediatricians and family doctors for a cannabidiol formulation that is void of THC. Avoiding risk of intoxication and hindering of brain development (for those under the age of 25) is a high priority driving the demand for THC-free formulations.  

Increasing the awareness of Cortalex through targeted marketing programs is on the agenda for Cardiol Therapeutics, who is breaking out into an industry that is already amassing global attention within the markets.  

“We believe the acquisition of GW Pharma for US$7.2 billion in early 2021, together with the 2020 acquisition of MyoKardia for US$13 billion, underscores the potential value proposition for enterprises focused on cannabidiol-based medicines and on the development of new treatments for cardiovascular disease. With a robust research and development pipeline, world-class R&D collaborators, and an experienced management team, we are well positioned to build a leadership position in the development of therapies to address the underlying inflammatory component in heart disease,” stated David Elsley (President & CEO) of the state of the current biopharmaceutical industry within the markets. 

Welcoming A New Chief Medical Officer  

As retiring Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Co-founder of Cardiol, Dr. Eldon Smith, steps aside while continuing to serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Company has welcomed Dr. Andrew Hamer to take on the role. 
And with him, Cardiol will see an additional 3 decades of experience in medical affairs, global life sciences, and cardiology practice. Recently serving as Executive Director, Global Development-Cardiometabolic at California-based Amgen Inc., Hamer led the company’s launch of Repatha (which lowers LDL cholesterol) to eventually generate nearly US$900 million in revenue. 
Perhaps Hamer’s most significantly experience lies in his 2-year tenure as the VP of Medical Affairs at Capricor Therapeutics Inc., where he took responsibility in developing novel therapeutics for heart disease, as well as supervising, executing and designing their clinical trials.  

Dr. Hamer commented, “I am excited to be joining Cardiol Therapeutics and look forward to working with the outstanding leadership team in progressing the clinical development of the Company’s promising therapies. There are millions of patients worldwide suffering from heart disease, where inflammation is a critical underlying component, and they depend on the efforts of companies like Cardiol to develop new treatment options that are safe and effective. I am pleased to have the opportunity to play a leadership role in this important endeavour.” 

Disclaimer: Cardiol Therapeutics is a communications client of Edge Investments, and we own shares in the company.    ..

  • Edge Editorial Team

    At Edge Investments, we make investing in small cap stocks enjoyable and edge-ucational. We are here to teach you about investing, keep you up to date on news, and help connect you with companies that you may have a desire to invest in.

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