The Tree of Life – Hulk Spreads Its Roots

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As we know, Pontus Protein, known for its genius Canadian ticker HULK (or 8YC if you’re in Europe) has established its foothold in the green market... and we aren’t talking weed. We’re looking at the green of the future; the earth friendly cohort of companies that are driven by mission, rather than solely by profit.

Long gone are the days where speculative exploration stocks, or even late 90’s internet stocks, are dominating headlines and seem to have shares in the hands of everyone and their dog; in 2021, the hottest companies in the capital markets tend to be the ones that are making the earth a better place and focusing on sustainability 

Aiming to provide all parts of the world access to bio-secure, sustainably harvested plant protein, Pontus utilizes its proprietary aquaponic ecosystem to create a never-ending cycle of natural production, replicable anywhere on the globe. 

This kind of system has the potential to help end the global food crisis by pairing scalability with sustainability.  

Now that we’ve discussed mission and future impact, let’s see what the incredible Hulk is up to. 

Branding & Dinner  

In addition to the superfood blend of plant-based protein powder that Pontus is known for, Pontus has been seeking out partnerships and developing value-add products that are in line with their eco-friendly direction. 

First: let’s talk branding. It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but everyone does it. First impressions are critical to landing the job, getting a first date, or having a customer choose your brand in a sea of other options; no matter how superior the product is. Recently reiterating and improving the packaging on their newly released, easy-to-use sachets (a fancy term for a packet), which contain 5 grams of 42% pure Pontus protein, the team at Pontus has their ear to the ground and their eyes on the data, to learn what resonates with customers from the start. While a brand refresh may not get everyone as excited as it makes us, it’s important to note that this decision showcases the data-driven decision-making process at Pontus; a sign of sophistication on the marketing end that’s critical to growing a consumer brand. 

From the header of this section, you may be wondering… what does branding have to do with dinner? Easy: market positioning. 

Pontus successfully acquired the company behind the prestigious Ephemere Supper Club. Ephemere Catering & Consulting Inc. provides product consultation services along with private dining experiences through their Supper Club series. With the expertise of Culinary Director Shahni Arsad, and world-renowned restaurateur Gianni Picchi as a consultant, Pontus will effectively incorporate their signature protein powder into unique food products, allowing consumers of all kinds of different tastes to add a little Hulk to their diet. Not only does this increase the exposure of the Pontus brand, but it introduces opportunities for the pickier eaters out there to try the product without needing to get creative on their own. If you can decrease the effort that customers need to go to, in order to enjoy your product, you’ll see an immediate increase in uptake and traction.

In addition to the food education aspect Ephemere provides, Pontus will see more immediate revenue with the continuous build-out of their meal kit delivery service. This increasingly popular method of eating creates an ideal faucet for Pontus to gain exposure in the everyday lives of their consumers.

Who Needs A Drink…? 

“The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada has polled consumers over the past six months and identified that during COVID, people wanted beverages that they can feel good about. As we return to normality, people want products to take care of themselves. I believe with Pontus, we can be post pandemic ready with a range of products,” 

Well said, Mark.  

Mark Arathoon is the CEO of Blue Ocean Tea Company and fourth-generation tea expert. Blue Ocean has recently signed a letter-of-intent (LOI) with Pontus Protein to develop high-functioning, health-forward tea products. The growing demand for functional beverages poises an opportunity to empower consumers to take care of the earth, and their own health, one sip at a time. The high protein, amino acid heavy, antioxidant filled concoction that is Pontus Protein serves as creative gold to someone like Mark Arathoon, who has led Blue Ocean to design and manufacture a plethora of tea-based products, previously working with the likes of Revolution Tea and, that’s right, Starbucks. 

Once again hitting the environmental nail on the head, Pontus and their new partnership with Blue Ocean are meeting the growing health-related concerns of people; a main driving factor in the massive growth (6.6% CAGR, to be exact) of the tea market. The specific products within this market that are showing the most substantial progress are the ones that incorporate proven health products, such as Pontus Protein’s powderMore and more people are shifting their attention from carbonated drinks to tea, as the $55 billion global tea market continues to expand, making this market a strategic target for the Hulk’s mandate. 

The Seed Has Been Planted 

We see Pontus as a tree, with its quickly spreading roots  representing the different avenues that Pontus is exploring within the health-conscious, earth-friendly side of the food & beverage industry. Quick to make moves, it doesn’t seem like the reach of Pontus’ innovations and strategies will take long to grow this tree taller and taller. 

The strategic branding and partnership development is coming at a time when the company is awaiting further development for its 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. 

By the time the facility completes and we see Pontus in all sorts of different food & drink applications thanks to their ongoing partnerships and development, we’re going to be quite thirsty for some this green magic.

Disclaimer: Pontus Protein is a communications client of Edge Investments, and we own shares in the company.

  • Edge Editorial Team

    At Edge Investments, we make investing in small cap stocks enjoyable and edge-ucational. We are here to teach you about investing, keep you up to date on news, and help connect you with companies that you may have a desire to invest in.

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