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Is BioNTech Worth the BUY at these Prices?!

  • Declan O’Flaherty

    Declan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and has over 4 years of experience investing in financial markets. As a fundamental investor, Declan embraces the investment principles of Warren Buffett and his disciples. This puts a focus on finding businesses with healthy financials, competent and accountable leader, enduring competitive advantages, and those that are selling at discount to what they are worth.

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Trio Petroleum (USA: TPET) is an oil and gas exploration and development company headquartered in Bakersfield, California, with operations in Monterey County, California. Trio’s flagship asset is its 9,267-acre South Salinas Project, located in Monterrey California, in which the company owns an 85.75% working interest. South Salinas is a significant oil and gas-producing asset for Trio, with an estimated 39.0 million barrels of oil (MMBO) and 40.0 billion cubic feet of gas (BCFG) in probable underdeveloped reserves.

Recently, Trio reported updates on the second test interval, at its HV-1 discovery well, located in the South Salinas Project.

Here Are The Highlights:

⛽️ On September 7, Trio perforated and acidized the Brown Zone in the HV-1 well with 350 feet of perforations across a gross interval from 5,465 to 5,850 feet–The well was then tested by swabbing for seven days during the September 8-18 timeframe.

⚡️ Swab testing to date suggests that the Brown Zone and Mid-Monterey Clay collectively, if commingled, might deliver approximately 145 barrels of oil per day (BOPD), with potentially significantly higher oil production rates when the well is on the pump.

⚙️ A pumping unit is now being installed at the HV-1 well for further testing of the Brown Zone and temporary tanks and other facilities are also being installed at the well site—Results of pumping will be announced when available.

To learn more about Trio Petroleum, check out its investor presentation below.


Quality Compounders

HF Sinclair Revenue 2001 to 2023 | companiesmarketcap.com

HF Sinclair (DINO)


Alternate Energy


Looking to capitalize on the oil boom? HF Sinclair is a distinguished and forward-thinking player in the energy industry, specializing in fuel distribution and retail operations. They produce and market a variety of light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, renewable diesel, and other specialty products. With a rich history and a proven track record of excellence, HF Sinclair plays a pivotal role in meeting the energy needs of consumers and businesses across the US, putting them at the forefront of one of the most bustling markets in the world.


Return on Invested Capital: 25.30%

Profit Margin: 6.80%

Earnings Per Share (5-Year): 38.70%

Revenue (5-Year): 21.80%

Debt to Equity: 0.33

Market Cap: $10.658 Billion

Current Stock Price: $57.89

Intrinsic Value: $114.81

Margin of Safety: 49.58% Below Intrinsic Value

Competitive Advantages

 Vertical Integration Excellence: HF Sinclair’s vertical integration prowess stands as a paramount competitive advantage. They control every facet of the fuel distribution and retail process, from production and refining to distribution and retail sales. This end-to-end control not only ensures a consistent and reliable fuel supply but also bolsters cost-efficiency, enabling them to maintain competitive pricing and safeguard against market fluctuations.

 Heritage of Quality and Trust: With a storied history dating back over a century, HF Sinclair has cultivated a legacy of unwavering quality and trust. Their commitment to delivering premium fuels and services has earned them a reputation as a trusted and dependable energy provider. This heritage not only fosters customer loyalty but also positions them as a preferred choice in an industry where reliability is paramount.

 Sustainability and Innovation Leadership: HF Sinclair’s dedication to sustainability and innovation sets them apart. They invest heavily in eco-friendly technologies and practices, minimizing their environmental footprint. This commitment not only aligns with the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions but also positions them as responsible industry leaders, primed for success in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

A10 Networks Revenue 2013 to 2023| companiesmarketcap.com

A10 Networks (ATEN)


Communications Network Software


Though small, A10 Networks is a cutting-edge leader in the field of application networking and cybersecurity that should not be overlooked. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, the company is critical in safeguarding digital infrastructure and ensuring the optimal performance of applications in an increasingly interconnected world. This, coupled with its expertise in advanced load balancing, DDoS protection, and application delivery solutions makes it a trusted partner for enterprises, service providers, and cloud operators seeking to enhance security and scalability.


Return on Invested Capital: 26.10%

Profit Margin: 16.70%

Earnings Per Share (5-Year): 42.80%

Revenue (5-Year): 3.60%

Debt to Equity: 0.1

Market Cap: $1.110 Billion

Current Stock Price: $19.34

Intrinsic Value: $14.98

Margin of Safety: 22.54% Below Intrinsic Value

Competitive Advantages

 Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Expertise: A10 Networks boasts a formidable competitive advantage in the realm of cybersecurity. Their advanced solutions for DDoS protection and threat mitigation are second to none. With an ever-evolving threat landscape, A10’s expertise positions them as a trusted guardian of digital infrastructure, making them the go-to choice for enterprises and service providers seeking robust security solutions.

 Innovation-Driven Application Networking: A10 Networks is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to application networking. Their cutting-edge load balancing and application delivery solutions are designed to ensure optimal application performance even in the most complex and dynamic environments. This innovation not only enhances the end-user experience but also fosters operational efficiency, making A10 Networks a preferred partner for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

 Global Reach and Industry Partnerships: A10 Networks’ global presence and strategic partnerships are significant competitive advantages. They operate in key markets worldwide and collaborate with leading technology and cloud providers. This expansive reach and network of alliances position A10 Networks as a versatile and trusted partner for organizations seeking scalable and secure networking solutions on a global scale.

BioNTech Revenue 2019 to 2023 | companiesmarketcap.com

BioNTech (BNTX)


Medical – Biomedical and Genetics


Though overvalued, BioNTech is a revolutionary force in the biotechnology industry, renowned for pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) technology that is transforming the field of medicine. The company initially burst on the scene after achieving global recognition for co-developing the world’s first COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. Now, the company continues to showcase its unrivaled expertise and unwavering commitment to developing cutting-edge therapies in the precision medicine market.


Return on Invested Capital: 45.00%

Profit Margin: 51.10%

Earnings Per Share (4-Year): 152.10%

Revenue (4-Year): 208.90%

Debt to Equity: 0.01

Market Cap: $24.725 Billion

Current Stock Price: $54.27

Intrinsic Value: $103.12

Margin of Safety: 90.01% Above Intrinsic Value

Competitive Advantages

 Pioneering mRNA Technology: BioNTech’s foremost competitive advantage lies in its pioneering work with messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. They are at the forefront of harnessing the potential of mRNA for developing innovative and highly effective therapies. This technology has already proven its worth with the groundbreaking COVID-19 vaccine, showcasing BioNTech’s unmatched expertise in utilizing mRNA to address critical healthcare challenges.

 Scientific Excellence and Research Depth: BioNTech is synonymous with scientific excellence and possesses a wealth of research depth. Their team of world-class scientists and researchers continually pushes the boundaries of what mRNA can achieve in treating diseases such as cancer and infectious diseases. This exceptional scientific prowess positions BioNTech as a leader in the development of precision medicines, providing them with a significant competitive edge.

 Global Collaboration and Expansion: BioNTech’s global collaborations and expansion initiatives are strategic advantages. They have established partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, expanding their reach and access to resources. This global footprint enhances their ability to advance research, scale production, and distribute life-saving therapies on a global scale, solidifying their position as a prominent player in the biotechnology sector.

Rising Star

Himax Technologies Revenue 2005 to 2023| companiesmarketcap.com

Himax Technologies (HIMX)




Don’t sleep on this semiconductor stock, Himax Technologies is a dynamic and innovative force in the semiconductor industry, specializing in the design and manufacturing of advanced display drivers and imaging solutions. Renowned for its technological excellence and cutting-edge research, the company is an industry leader driving the advancement of display and imaging devices. This expertise spans a wide range of applications, from augmented reality and virtual reality to smartphones and automotive displays, proving its versatility and ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics.


Gross Margin: 28.95%

Revenue (5-Year): 16.50%

Debt to Equity: 0.50

Cash on Hand: $219.5 Million

Market Cap: $988.85 Million

Current Stock Price: $5.67

P/S: 1.04


 Rapid Growth in Display Technologies: Himax Technologies is poised to capitalize on the explosive growth in display technologies, especially in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and automotive displays. As these industries continue to expand, the demand for high-quality display drivers and imaging solutions is skyrocketing. Himax, with its cutting-edge solutions, is strategically positioned to benefit from this surge in demand, driving substantial revenue growth.

 Innovation and R&D Leadership: Himax Technologies boasts a track record of innovation and a commitment to research and development that positions them as a leader in their field. Their ability to anticipate and respond to emerging market trends ensures they remain at the forefront of technological advancements. As industries like AR, VR, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) evolve, Himax’s innovative solutions will remain in high demand, spurring company growth.

 Rise in IoT Devices: The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem continues to grow, encompassing a vast array of connected devices. Himax Technologies can capitalize on this trend by providing essential components for IoT devices, such as cameras and display drivers. The proliferation of IoT applications in smart homes, healthcare, and industrial settings presents a significant growth opportunity for Himax.

Our Methodology

Quality Compounders

Our first goal as investors is to never lose money. The most effective way to accomplish this is by investing in world-class businesses that are trading below their intrinsic value. A world-class business is financially healthy (i.e. high-profit margins, growing revenue and earnings, as well as little to no debt), has multiple durable competitive advantages, and has a brilliant management team (i.e. ROIC measures how effectively a CEO allocates capital). We strive to buy these businesses below their intrinsic value because it limits the downside risk while improving the upside potential (i.e. think of it like buying a Ferrari at 50% off, then selling it to someone else at full price, risk-free). If one can find these opportunities and their conviction is strong, then one should take full advantage before the rest of the market realizes what they are missing.

Rising Star

Small or early growth companies (i.e. less than $1 billion market cap) may not be profitable or have a durable competitive advantage quite yet, but they still pack a punch. Investing in these businesses is a tricky game, but if you can spot them before they take off, it may be the only investment you ever need to make. To spot a rising star, the business must be financially stable (i.e. high operating margin, growing revenues, little to no debt, and ample cash on hand), have a large addressable market with multiple catalysts, and a highly ambitious and motivated management team that is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. If you can find early-stage businesses with these characteristics, then you may be on the path to financial freedom quicker than you think.

  • Declan O’Flaherty

    Declan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and has over 4 years of experience investing in financial markets. As a fundamental investor, Declan embraces the investment principles of Warren Buffett and his disciples. This puts a focus on finding businesses with healthy financials, competent and accountable leader, enduring competitive advantages, and those that are selling at discount to what they are worth.

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