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The Future of Healing

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As the development of psychedelic drug treatments continues to unravel, it’s important, as a company or as an investor, to stay ahead of the game. 

Psychedelics and and other illicit substances are now being actively studied for their prospective abilities to cure a variety of undertreated conditions. 

Depression. Anxiety. PTSD. Obesity. 

The revelation of medical breakthroughs from these studies are largely based on the fact that they have the ability to “rewire” neurological pathways in the brain. This allows someone to revisit, process, and properly heal traumas, undo bad habits, and open one’s mind to new perspectives. It’s as though you’ve always turned right at the end of the road, but they’re opening you to the possibility of turning left. 

The era of band-aid solutions in the form of addictive, man-made pills that simply mask symptoms and create lifelong customers seems to be coming to an end. 

However, simply administering these substances and sending your patient out the door is not the plan.

Psychedelic research company, NeonMind Biosciences, has a detailed plan in place, instead. With the use of specialized clinics, the patient receives a full therapeutic experience, complete with a supervised dose of psilocybin, carefully curated playlists to create a healing ambience, and of course, therapy. 

Talking to a mental health professional while under the monitored influence of a newly studied substance to aid mental health conditions is a lot more effective than walking out the door with some meds.  

The future of healing is among us, and this company is rolling out a line of clinics across Canada in preparation for the government to give the green light for psilocybin, ketamine, MDMA and other proven medicines.

NeonMind Is Officially Making Their Mark 

NeonMind (CANADA: NEON) (U.S.: NMDBF) (EUROPE: 6UF) has formed a Medical Clinic Advisory Board to help oversee the development, strategy, operations, and expansion of their own branded clinics across Canada. It takes many minds to make the right decisions and build out a successful fleet of establishments.

From commercial real estate acquisition, to branding, to building, to programming, to staffing…

The list goes on. Many underestimate the bandwidth needed to undergo such an operation. The advisory board consists of members who have proven expertise in the following fields: 

  • Provincial and local health care access and advocacy 
  • Ketamine treatment 
  • Psychotherapy protocols 
  • Clinical operations 
  • Business strategy 
  • Growth and scaling 

“The formation of our Medical Clinic Advisory Board is a critical next step in the creation of our clinics and treatment models. By incorporating a team of experts specializing in mental healthcare, interventional psychiatric treatment, psychedelics, and clinical deployment, operations, and advocacy, we are achieving the next step in our strategic plan to increase treatment access in local markets across Canada,” said Robert Tessarolo, President & CEO of NeonMind.


You’ll notice NeonMind had added Ketamine to their repertoire. Ketamine, long known as an effective painkiller, is now being used to help explore new pathways and synapses in one’s brain by helping block NMDA receptors. This leads to an improvement of healing from past injury or illness.

Did you know? 

There are two main types of ketamine used to treat major depression that hasn’t responded to two or more medications (treatment-resistant depression). 

  • Racemic ketamine, which is most often given as an infusion into the bloodstream. This is sometimes called intravenous, or IV, ketamine. It is a mixture of two mirror-image molecules: “R” and “S” ketamine. While it was approved decades ago as an anesthetic by the FDA, it is used off-label to treat depression. 
  • Esketamine (Spravato), which the FDA approved in March, is given as a nasal spray. It uses only the “S” molecule. 

As Ketamine and Esketamine can be legally prescribed and administered in medical clinics across Canada, there is a void to be filled. Patients suffering from obesity, depression, and other mental health conditions should be able to walk in to one of NeonMind’s clinics and have access to Ketamine as part of their therapeutic treatment.

The rapid development of psychedelic drug treatment programs is not far from that, as they are constantly evolving to include additional psychedelic-enhanced therapies with substances like psilocybin, MDMA, and, of course, ketamine. As this develops, NeonMind will already be positioned to implement these new advancements into the infrastructure they have in place following the launch of their line of branded clinics. 

“Our Medical Clinic Advisory Board will ensure that NeonMind is able to develop protocols and treatment programs at the cutting edge of mental health research and ensure that we are prioritizing value, access and advocacy for those who need them,” added Rob Tessarolo.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) 

On the public market side of things, NeonMind has upgraded to the OTCQB Venture Market Exchange in the U.S. The company trades under the ticker “NMDBF”. 

The OTCQB is the next step for American-listed companies, expanding reach and platforms/brokers that list the company. Allowing for the trading of over 11,000 securities, the OTCQB requires more disclosure and qualification than introductory exchanges, which NeonMind has met.

The ranking of OTC exchanges is as follows: 

  • OTC Pink, or Pink Sheets, is the lowest level and most speculative tier of the three marketplaces for the trading of over-the-counter stocks. This marketplace offers trading in a wide range of equities and includes companies in default or financial distress. Since it has fewer disclosure requirements, the categorization of OTC Pink companies is from information provided by the company. 
  • OTCQB – The middle tier, also known as “The Venture Market,” which consists of early-stage and developing U.S. and international companies that are not yet able to qualify for the OTCQX. The company must be current in its reporting, undergo an annual verification, management certification, meet a $0.01 bid test, and cannot be in bankruptcy to meet eligibility standards.   
  • OTCQX – The top tier of the three marketplaces for the OTC trading of stocks. Stocks that trade on this forum must meet more stringent qualification criteria compared to the other levels.  

“With this OTCQB listing, NeonMind has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to advance its psilocybin drug development programs,” said Robert Tessarolo, President & CEO of NeonMind. “We expect this listing to increase our financial capabilities and expand our exposure to the U.S. investment community. This capital markets support will be extremely valuable as we continue to execute on our long-term strategy to advance the use of therapeutic psychedelic compounds for weight management conditions including obesity, which is a growing global health crisis.” 

NeonMind will continue to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under its existing symbol “NEON”. 

Disclaimer: Neonmind Biosciences is a communications client of Edge Investments, and we own shares in the company.   

  • Edge Editorial Team

    At Edge Investments, we make investing in small cap stocks enjoyable and edge-ucational. We are here to teach you about investing, keep you up to date on news, and help connect you with companies that you may have a desire to invest in.

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