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When Ambition Meets Expertise, It’s Called Perfect Timing

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We’re sure that you already know the health food industry has been a hot topic this past year. As the first two decades of the new millennium unfolded, we saw more and more focus towards whatactually good for you, rather than engagement with the narratives of deceptive food conglomerate “studies”. Remember when “fat” was the enemy, so food brands all over North America started creating “low-fat” options filled with sugar?

Athe plant-based health product market rapidly matures, we’re more than excited to dive into the details of what makes Rritual Superfoods a star in this soon-to-be $275 billion functional food market.

Where Do We Begin? 

Rritual utilizes the abundant health properties in mushrooms to improve many aspects of one’s physical and mental functionality. It seems mushrooms, both functional and psychedelic, have been hot on the radar of health experts and stock market gurus alike. Based on a lot of our content and clients, I’ll bet you’re more than tuned in to the mental health benefits and medical treatment potential of “magic” mushroomsThis time, we want to switch gears and point out a few key facts regarding the mushrooms that don’t cause you to see the universe. 

Functional mushrooms: 

  • Have been used as health aids for the last 2000+ years 
  • Have been rated the Top Food Trend by Amazon-owned grocery retail giant Whole Foods 
  • Are typically consumed in a dry, powdered form, making them easy to combine with adaptogenic herbs for more unique benefits 
  • Have a long shelf life when properly processed and packaged. A food distributors dream. 

Its no surprise that, according to recent data, there is an 800% increase in demand for key mushroom varieties. With no leading companies commanding market share in the $50 billion functional mushroom segment of the superfood market, the race begins, with companies like Rritual entering with a wealth of management expertise in the hopes of becoming a staple in the world of functional foods. As many health and wellness conglomerates start searching for potential acquisitions, the well-managed, well-positioned brands are going to be the ones that stand out. So, what’s Rritual focusing on? The fact that there is no current premium brand in the world of functional mushrooms. 

What Exactly Makes Rritual Superfoods So Super? 

Rritual has been a prime example of a dark horse lately, with few people knowing about them, while they forge ahead at a blistering pace. Organic certification, a process that normally takes 6-9 months to complete, was checked off Rrituals to-do list in a mere 6 weeks. With 7 SKUs ready to launch and written commitments from over 2,400 stores for initial distribution, the management team has successfully achieved milestones that normally take small businesses months, or even years, to achieve, thanks to the expertise of people on the team like David Kerbel, Chief Executive Officer. 

Kerbel, with 30+ years’ experience in consumerpackaged goods (CPG), retail, and brokerage management, maintains several strong connections with industry giants, such as Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, and Safeway (to name a few)$RSF isnt his first rodeo, as Kerbel has been a part of 2 previous IPOs before launching RritualOne of those companies is called Celsius Holdings ($CELH), which at the time of writing, sits just shy of a US$4 billion market cap.

With more than just one proven expert on the team, Rritual’s roster holds over a century of experience in the consumer-packaged goods industry. When you visualize an early-stage company, you typically picture a group of super passionate, relatively inexperienced individuals embarking on a learning journey to change the world; not fazed by getting knocked down time and time again, learning from every hurdle. 

While this is an inspiring thing to envision, it’s not the case with RritualThe passion is there, but the team is distinctly lacking in inexperience. The pedigree of the team at Rritual puts it far beyond most “emerging companies,” as this early-stage venture won’t be early-stage for long. We’re looking forward at the magic that can happen when you mix passion and innovation, with expertise and systematic discipline. 

Let’s Take A Look at What There Is to Offer 

rockstar management team is only as good as its products. Luckily, the catalogue of Rritual certainly doesn’t fall short. 

With the superfood mushroom blends being gluten, soy-, and dairy-free, you’d be hard pressed to find a diet these products don’t fit into. Although they are easy to mix into many sorts of applications, Rritual’s mushroom elixirs leave out caffeine and sugar. This allows you to start on a fresh, blank slate of functional nutrition and personalize your own experience as you wish. Want to add it in coffee? No problem. Want something a little sweeter? Add a sweetener if you wish. Plus, there’s a distinct emphasis on the use of probiotics. Your gut is often called your second brain, thus a healthy gut microbiome is crucial to maintain not only balanced digestive function, but a healthy cognitive mind. 

Here are some key benefits from 3 products of theirs, which are ready to go: 

  • Reishi “Relax” – A proprietary reishi mushroom and ashwagandha root elixir, mixed with organic raw cacao powder and cinnamon. A stress support-focused mixture of triterpenespolysaccharides, fatty acids and amino acids helps the body and mind to combat anxiety and improve quality of sleep, specialized for those with restless minds. 
  • Chaga “Immune” – A proprietary chaga mushroom blend, made with eleuthero root, astragulus formulation, organic schisandra berry, and organic ginger root. The chaga blend utilizes bioactive polysaccharides and optimizes the functions of the immune system. 
  • Lion’s Mane “Focus” – A (you guessed it) proprietary formulation of lion’s mane mushroom with rhodiola rosea root powder, blended with organic American ginseng root powder and bacopa monnieri extract. This unique blend supports cognitive function, brain health, and improves your body’s ability to manage stress. 

Rritual Superfoods Inc. currently trades in Canada with the ticker RSF and is actively working on listings in the U.S. and Europe.  

Be sure to sign up for our Rritual updates below and shoot us a message on your thoughts about this exciting new addition to the market! 

Disclaimer: Rritual Superfoods Inc. is an Edge Communications Client, and we own shares in the company.  

  • Edge Editorial Team

    At Edge Investments, we make investing in small cap stocks enjoyable and edge-ucational. We are here to teach you about investing, keep you up to date on news, and help connect you with companies that you may have a desire to invest in.

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