Top 10 Psychedelic Penny Stocks to Invest In 2023

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mushrooms growing in the forest

The scientific and mainstream adoption of natural medicines like psilocybin and ketamine is progressing exponentially every day.

While there are still many hurdles to overcome before mass adoption, psychedelic research and therapy are emerging as effective and viable solutions for patients seeking alternative treatments for their conditions.

That being said, the psychedelic market is still quite young and largely untested.

Although most of these businesses have yet to turn a profit, we remain optimistic that one-day these psychedelic drugs will play an important role in our lives and the health care system at large.

But for now, the intelligent thing to do as investors is to begin understanding the opportunities that exist in the psychedelic boom and to anticipate the possibilities that have yet to be discovered.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 psychedelic penny stocks available in the market today, plus offer a few ideas on how to effectively evaluate and analyze these early-stage companies.

Top 10 Psychedelic Penny Stocks to Invest In

a psychedelic flower

In this section, we will provide you with a thorough analysis of the ten psychedelic penny stocks to add to your watchlist.

While there are plenty of exciting new psychedelic companies to explore, we encourage you to tread with caution given that most of these businesses have yet to turn a profit and are still very young in their development cycle.

Instead, use this information as a way to improve your understanding of what exists in the market and begin to develop a watchlist of psychedelic businesses that are of interest to you.

To learn more about how to effectively invest in penny stocks check out the article, “How to Make Money with Penny Stocks”.

COMPASS Pathways ($CMPS)

  • Market Cap: $364.16 million
  • Price: $5.89
  • 1-Y Return: -39.95%
COMPASS Pathways Drug Development Pipeline
COMPASS Pathways Drug Development Pipeline | COMPASS


COMPASS Pathways is a leading force in the realm of mental healthcare, operating primarily in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The company’s groundbreaking work lies in its flagship product COMP360, an innovative psilocybin therapy treatment. This remarkable drug is currently in the later stages of its Phase III clinical trials, with the noble mission of combating treatment-resistant depression. The urgency of this endeavor cannot be overstated, as it addresses a condition that affects countless individuals and their loved ones.

But COMPASS doesn’t stop at depression. Their visionary efforts extend to Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anorexia nervosa, two conditions that have long defied conventional treatment methods. 

With its tireless dedication to resolving these ailments through the use of magic mushrooms, COMPASS is on the verge of creating a future where individuals plagued by mental health challenges can find peace and stability for the rest of their lives.

Financials & Analysis

So far, Compass Pathways has yet to produce any sales from COMP360 and has lost more than $101.3 million in the trailing twelve months. This is directly related to the business’s product development efforts as demonstrated by its R&D expenses of $72.62 billion.

Though an unprofitable position is less than ideal, Compass does have $193 million cash on hand, meaning that there are enough available funds for roughly 1.5 years before it will be required to raise capital once again.

In recent times, most of its fresh cash has been raised through debt financing as the company added $32.84 million in debt to its balance sheet, as of Q2 2023, compared to just $1.52 million in the quarter before.

With the business well-funded, the key now for Compass will be to execute its product pipeline objectives and ensure that COMP360 can hit the market in a timely fashion.

Otherwise, you should exercise caution when investing in a company like COMPASS since it is not producing cash flows organically through its product offerings yet.

However, you can have confidence in the business once it starts to generate top-line growth and healthy profit margins.

Mind Medicine ($MNMD)

  • Market Cap: $108.80 million
  • Price: $2.63
  • 1-Y Return: -5.55%
Mind Med Drug Development Pipeline | Mind Med
Mind Med Drug Development Pipeline | Mind Med


Mind Medicine, aka MindMed, is an ambitious clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company exploring innovative solutions for brain health disorders.

The company is developing two remarkable lead product candidates, poised to redefine the landscape of mental health treatment.

First, there’s MM-120, a transformative breakthrough currently blazing its trail through Phase II trials. This compound holds the promise of ushering in a new era in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, addressing some of the most prevalent and debilitating conditions of our time.

Next, we have MM-402, a promising candidate dedicated to alleviating the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, a condition that affects countless lives. 

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. MindMed is also pioneering MM-110, a groundbreaking compound successfully navigating Phase I trials, with the mission of addressing the formidable challenge of opioid withdrawal.

Combined, these three drugs have the potential to help improve the lives of patients everywhere and reshape the medical landscape forever.

Financials & Analysis

From a financial standpoint, Mind Medicine has yet to produce any revenue given that none of its drugs are available for commercial use. Moreover, the company has lost $75.3 million over the trailing twelve months with $44.0 million being attributed to R&D expenses.

Fortunately, MindMed still has ample cash with $116.9 million on its balance sheet, meaning that it at least has one year left before more funds are required. But with no debts, other than $75 thousand in capital lease obligations, the likelihood of it going under is significantly reduced.

Regardless, it is essential that MindMed progresses its drug pipeline efficiently and raises new capital effectively in the coming quarters. Cash is the lifeblood of any business, and without it, it becomes extremely difficult to sustain an organization.

Therefore, you should pay close attention to the company’s financial position and determine whether it is improving. As long as the company has a sufficient cash runway to achieve its goals, there is always promise that the business will fulfill its mission.

Cybin ($CYBN)

  • Market Cap: $210.62 million
  • Price: $0.58
  • 1-Yr Return: +25.67%
Cybin Drug Development Pipeline | Cybin
Cybin Drug Development Pipeline | Cybin


Cybin is an innovative clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company on a groundbreaking journey to pioneer psychedelic-based therapeutics. At the forefront of its mission is a trio of remarkable candidates who hold the promise of transforming lives.

In the development pipeline, you will find its flagship compound CYB003. This extraordinary compound is entering its Phase II clinical trial, with a focus on addressing the challenges of major depressive and alcohol use disorders.

In addition to CYB003, the company is also exploring its CYB004 compound, which aims to alleviate generalized anxiety disorders. To date,  CYB004 is in the final stages of its Phase I study and is preparing to initiate its Phase II trials at the beginning of 2024.

The last of Cybin’s products in development is the compound CYB005, a preclinical stage drug, awaiting its chance to impact neuroinflammation.

While exciting, Cybin isn’t done there as it also introduced EMBARK, a revolutionary psychological support model. EMBARK seamlessly integrates clinical approaches with the power of psychedelic medicine to promote healing and support like never before.

This commitment to advancing psychedelic-based solutions from multiple angles makes it a promising business in this evolving field.

Financials & Analysis

Over the trailing twelve months, Cybin has not produced any sales and has lost over $48.9 million in the past year, with $26.4 million of that being attributed to R&D expenses. With all of its compounds in the early to mid-development stages, it is expected that the company will likely not produce any sales for the foreseeable future.

This prolonged timeline coupled with a weak cash position makes its future prospects somewhat concerning. As of Q2 2023, Cybin had just $9.3 million in cash left on its balance sheet. This has been quickly shrinking over the past year as the business continues to burn cash at an alarming rate.

With a challenging economic climate ahead of us, financing options will likely be limited, insinuating that it will be much more difficult to raise funds moving forward.

Therefore, it is probably best to avoid investing in this psychedelic penny stock until the economic environment improves or the company significantly advances the development of its compounds.

Relmada Therapeutics (RLMD)

  • Market Cap: $93.30 million
  • Price: $3.10
  • YTD Return: -86.67%
Relmada Drug Development Pipeline | Relmada
Relmada Drug Development Pipeline | Relmada


Relmada Therapeutics is a distinguished clinical-stage biotech business, that stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with central nervous system (CNS) diseases and a spectrum of other disorders. 

The company’s mission is to offer a lifeline to individuals suffering from major depressive disorder in adults. 

To do so, Relmada is investing heavily in its lead product candidate, Esmethadone (also known as d-methadone), a daily, oral antidepressant that can selectively target NMDAR hyperactive channels.

Phase II demonstrated an ability to produce rapid, robust, and sustained antidepressant effects in patients.

Now, Esmethadone is currently mid-way through its Phase III clinical trials, with it expected to come near completion at the beginning of H1 2025.

Financials & Analysis

Relmada is in a similar position to many of the companies on our list in that it has yet to produce any sales through its business. On the other hand, it has lost roughly $129.0 million in the TTM with $87.0 million of it going to R&D. 

As you can see, the company is aggressively in its product pipeline, hoping to bring its therapies to market. With $118.5 million cash and current quarterly expenses falling near $25 million, you can infer that the business will have enough for at least one year of annual expenses.

The good news is that the company has no debt making it less susceptible to rising interest rates and a stagnating economy. But as I have said with many of the businesses on this list, it is smart to be cautious investing in these companies when they appear so constrained. 

Of course, Relmade is much further down the line in its development process than others so there may be more room for optimism. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to be patient.

Numinus Wellness ($NUMIF)

  • Market Cap: $26.95 million
  • Price: $0.10
  • 1-Y Return: -49.42%
Numinus Total Revenue | Numinus
Numinus Total Revenue | Numinus


Numinus Wellness is on a mission to transform mental health by providing innovative solutions that harness the power of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. 

The company operates in three segments including its Research Operations, Canadian Clinic Network, and U.S. Clinic Network.

Its Research Operations segment is a testament to its pursuit of scientific excellence. Here, they offer a wide spectrum of laboratory services, encompassing cultivation, analytical testing, product research and development, and ancillary services in the realm of psychedelics.

As for its Canadian and US Clinic Networks, these branches provide a holistic array of supportive therapies and cutting-edge technologies tailored to address mental health and substance abuse challenges. 

Whether it’s Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), counseling, neurofeedback, physiotherapy, or a myriad of other therapies, Numinus Wellness extends a lifeline to individuals seeking relief and healing.

To top it all off, the company offers its practitioners comprehensive training, state-of-the-art facilities, and operational resources, ensuring that the impact of their work is as far-reaching as possible.

This all-encompassing model supports both customers and employees demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to improving patient needs, thus making it one of the most highly respected businesses in the industry today.

Financials & Analysis

Arguably the best magic mushroom penny stock on this list, Numinus is an established psychedelic company with some promising potential.

With multiple wellness clinics and research facilities in its arsenal, the company is well-diversified across North America and is already generating solid organic sales from its operations. In the TTM, it has earned $21.2 million in revenue, up 226% from the previous year, and 2300% from 2019.

That being said, the business did lose $45.6 million in the TTM, which was partly due to its recent acquisition of Novamind which has demonstrably helped Numinus scale to new heights.

Fortunately, even with its recent spending spree, the company roughly has $13.0 million in cash on hand, meaning that it should be well-funded for the foreseeable future as long as it continues to produce organic cash flows.

But as always, you should exercise caution when investing in businesses that are not profitable. Though Numinus is certainly in a better financial position than most of the companies on this list, its sales must exceed its expenses if one is to have confidence in its long-term prospects.

In all, it is one of the higher-quality picks on this list.

Seelos Therapeutics Inc ($SEEL)

  • Market Cap: $26.94 million
  • Price: $0.18
  • 1-Year Return: -79.64%
Seelos Drug Development Pipeline | Seelos
Seelos Drug Development Pipeline | Seelos


Seelos Therapeutics is a well-respected clinical-stage biopharma firm, fully dedicated to transforming the landscape of healthcare in a variety of critical domains including central nervous system disorders, respiratory ailments, and beyond.

At the helm of their pioneering endeavors are three compelling lead programs:

  • SLS-002: This groundbreaking intranasal racemic ketamine therapy is nothing short of a lifeline. It is designed to combat acute suicidal ideation and behavior in patients battling major depressive disorders.
  • SLS-005: Designed as a protein stabilizer, this program aims to revolutionize the treatment landscape for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Sanfilippo syndrome. These conditions present formidable challenges, and the potential offered by SLS-005 is immense.
  • SLS-006: For those grappling with the complexities of Parkinson’s disease (PD), SLS-006 represents a remarkable step forward. It is a partial dopamine agonist that holds the promise of enhancing the quality of life for PD patients.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Seelos Therapeutics is actively nurturing an array of preclinical programs that encompass:

  • SLS-007: A peptidic inhibitor designed to address the unique challenges faced by PD patients.
  • SLS-008: A ray of hope for pediatric patients, providing a glimmer of promise in the face of complex medical conditions.
  • SLS-004: A further advancement in the realm of PD treatment.
  • SLS-010: An H3 receptor antagonist with the potential to unlock new avenues in healthcare.
  • SLS-012: The horizon is brimming with potential, and Seelos Therapeutics, Inc. is at the forefront of these exciting developments.

As you can see, Seelos Therapeutics is more than a biopharmaceutical company, it is a vanguard of change and innovation in healthcare. Their unwavering dedication to addressing critical medical challenges offers the possibility of a brighter, healthier future for those in need.

Financials & Analysis

Like most psychedelic penny stocks, Seelos has yet to produce meaningful sales and is spending extensively on research and development with over $44.4 million, and $81.2 million in total, being spent in the trailing twelve months.

Given that it is not producing cash flows organically at this time, a lot is riding on the success of its product pipeline reaching completion. With its cash position significantly declining in recent quarters to just $5.8 million in Q2 2023, it is difficult to tell how long it will last with so little capital.

That being said, Seelos does have multiple products further along the development cycle than most of the other early-stage psychedelic companies mentioned in this article. If the company can achieve orphan drug designation and bring its products to market, there may be more reason for optimism than is suggested.

But that is a big “if”.

All-in-all, Seelos Therapeutics is an interesting psychedelic biotech stock, but also one that is probably best observed and not invested in for the time being.

Atai Life Sciences ($ATAI)

  • Market Cap: $206.68 million
  • Price: $1.24
  • 1-Year Return: -60.51%
Atai Drug Development Pipeline | Atai
Atai Drug Development Pipeline | Atai


ATAI Life Sciences is another trailblazing clinical-stage biopharmaceutical force dedicated to reshaping the landscape of mental health treatment. With a laser focus on depression, anxiety, addiction, and a spectrum of other mental health disorders, they’re at the forefront of innovation and transformation.

Their lineup of principal clinical programs represents a new horizon for those suffering from these challenging conditions:

  • RL-007: This pro-cognitive neuromodulator offers a groundbreaking solution for cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, an often-overlooked aspect of the condition. 
  • GRX-917: A deuterated etifoxine designed for anxiety disorders. In a world where anxiety affects millions, GRX-917 presents an innovative approach to alleviate this pervasive condition.
  • VLS-01: N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, a potential game-changer for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). This compound embodies the hope for those who have struggled to find effective treatments for TRD.
  • DMX-1002: An oral formulation of ibogaine, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound extracted from a West African shrub. It stands on the cusp of transforming the treatment of opioid use disorders (OUD) through its unique cholinergic, glutamatergic, and monoaminergic receptor modulation.
  • EMP-01: An oral formulation of an MDMA derivative developed to address post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This holds the promise of healing for those who bear the scars of trauma.

The company’s visionary approach extends to other clinical programs as well:

  • PCN-101: A subcutaneous formulation of R-ketamine, poised to offer therapy for psychiatric indications, with an initial focus on TRD.
  • KUR-101: A formulation of deuterated mitragynine, specifically designed for the treatment of OUD, providing a glimmer of hope in the fight against opioid addiction.

With such an ambitious pipeline, ATAI Life Sciences’ relentless pursuit of innovative solutions offers the possibility of a brighter, more resilient future for individuals facing the challenges of mental health disorders.

Financials & Analysis

With around $273.1 million cash on hand, including a $160 million term loan facility, Atai is one of the most cash-abundant companies on the list.

Of course, this capital is being used to fund the business’s lofty research objectives which are currently consuming roughly $75.6 million in R&D and $145 million in total annual expenditures.

From a revenue standpoint, Atai produced around $20 million in revenue in 2021 due to a collaboration with Otsuka. But since then, its revenue has fallen significantly since then, only amounting to $272 thousand over the trailing twelve months. 

As such, Atai’s 2021 performance is more or less a write-off given that it was a one-time thing that has not translated into annual recurring revenue. Nonetheless, it is still impressive considering that almost every company on this list has yet to receive a dime for their services.

Plus, with a robust product pipeline well ahead of most of the stocks here, and an equity interest in COMPASS Pathways, it is more likely that at least one of its remedies will hit the market and lead to positive cash inflows.

Overall, Atai Life Sciences is one of the better companies on this watchlist, though it is better to hold off until it begins producing more recurring revenue.

GH Research ($GHRS)

  • Market Cap: $368.82 million
  • Price: $7.09
  • 1-Year Return: -31.76%
GH Research Drug Development Pipeline | GH Research
GH Research Drug Development Pipeline | GH Research


GH Research is a pioneering psychotherapy stock fervently dedicated to developing life-changing therapies that hold the potential to heal individuals grappling with psychiatric and neurological disorders. 

At the core of their visionary work lies the development of therapies centered around 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT), representing a viable solution for those struggling with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). 

GH Research’s lead program, GH001, is nothing short of a triumph in the making. As an inhalable mebufotenin product candidate, it has successfully navigated two Phase 1 clinical trials and a Phase 1/2 clinical trial, specifically focused on patients with TRD. 

The urgency of addressing TRD, a condition that has eluded conventional treatments, cannot be overstated, making GH001 a ray of hope for individuals who have long awaited a breakthrough.

Yet, GH Research’s innovation extends further. The company is actively developing GH002, an intravenous mebufotenin product candidate, and GH003, an intranasal mebufotenin product candidate, both in preclinical development trials. 

With these candidates, the scope of GH’s mission is not limited to TRD as they have set their sights on all psychiatric and neurological as well. This noble pursuit is a testament to the company’s commitment to improving patients’ lives.

Financials & Analysis

Following a common trend, GH Research is a revenue-less business working hard to push its products to market. In the TTM, the company spent $35.7 million, with $26.0 going to R&D.

This is supported by an abundance cash pile of $165.4 million, making it one of, if not the best-funded business, based on its annual burn rate. At its current clip, the company has approximately before its stockpile runs dry.

Fortunately, that should give GH ample time to achieve its objectives. If anything, it makes it more durable than the majority of magic mushroom penny stocks since it is not in immediate need of funding.

The key now will be to execute its objectives efficiently so that it maximizes its capital spend during this research period. If can bring its products to later stages soon, this will be a strong sign that it is on the verge of something big.

Incannex Healthcare ($IXHL)

  • Market Cap: $71.09 million
  • Price: $1.12
  • 1-Year Return: -71.79%
Incannex Healthcare Investor Presentation
Source: Incannex Healthcare Investor Presentation


Incannex Healthcare is at the forefront of pharmaceutical development and is dedicated to pioneering a new era of healthcare in Australia. With a focus on medicinal cannabinoids and psychedelic pharmaceutical products and therapies, their work is nothing short of transformative.

This is demonstrated by its impressive product portfolio that showcases its commitment to innovation:

  • APIRx-1801, APIRx-1802, and APIRx-1803: These ultrapure tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD, and cannabigerol products underscore their dedication to delivering the purest, most effective cannabinoid-based solutions.
  • IHL-42X: This program has successfully navigated a Phase IIb clinical trial, offering hope to those grappling with obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Psi-GAD: Currently in a Phase IIa clinical trial, this therapy aims to address the pervasive challenges of generalized anxiety disorder.
  • MedChew Dronabinol: Having completed a Phase Ia clinical trial for nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients, this product holds immense promise for improving the quality of life for those undergoing cancer treatment.
  • CanChew Plus: This product, having completed a Phase IIa clinical trial, aims to provide relief for individuals battling irritable bowel syndrome.
  • APIRx-1601, APIRx-1602, and APIRx-1603: Addressing vitiligo, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis, these programs have successfully completed Phase IIa clinical trials, offering hope to those affected by these dermatological conditions.

Beyond these, Incannex Healthcare’s visionary product portfolio extends to a wide range of medical challenges, from inflammatory lung disease to neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and dementia, as well as solutions for addiction and smoking cessation.

If their efforts don’t fire you up about the potential of psychedelic treatments like cannabis and magic mushrooms, I don’t know what will!

Financials & Analysis

Although Incannex is the last magic mushroom penny stock on our list, it might be the most interesting.

With the largest product pipeline of all the companies, Incannex is spreading its bets and hoping to capture multiple markets along the way.

While it would be incredibly lucrative to advance all of these products to market, the more likely outcome is that many of these trials will fail to reach completion.

That being said, all they need is a few of them to succeed to justify and exceed the company’s current market cap valuation of $71.1 million.

Otherwise, investing in this company could be detrimental to investors if they are unable to generate revenues soon.

As of H1 2023, Incannex has roughly $33.3 million in cash and cash equivalents, which more than covers its TTM annual expense of $20.0 million.

However, like many psychedelic stocks, the company has not earned anything so far which may be a cause for concern over the coming years.

In that case, Incannex is another company that should be followed but not invested in, until its cash flows are more predictable and it is clear that they have an established product available to the market.

Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF (PSYK)

  • Net Assets: $11.58 million
  • Price: $5.69
  • 1-Year Return: -33.61%
Horizons Psychedelic ETF's Top Holdings | Horizon
Horizons Psychedelic ETF’s Top Holdings | Horizon


Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF, PSYK, is a cutting-edge exchange-traded fund (ETF) on a mission to deliver exceptional investment opportunities to those seeking exposure to the burgeoning psychedelics industry. With a focus on North American publicly-listed life sciences companies, PSYK aims to provide investors with a gateway to this dynamic sector.

At its core, PSYK seeks to replicate, to the fullest extent possible after accounting for expenses, the performance of the North American Psychedelics Index. This index is meticulously designed to offer a window into the performance of a carefully curated selection of companies with significant business activities or exposure to the psychedelics industry.

If you are unsure about what psychedelic penny stocks to invest in, but still want exposure to this captivating market, Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF is an excellent choice enabling you to create broad exposure in this young industry.

Why speculate on which business will do best when you can own them all? Just remember, PSYK owns many of the same cash-strapped companies that were mentioned on this list. In general, your best bet is to buy those who have the best chance of surviving over the coming years.

Are Psychedelic Penny Stocks a Good Investment?

As you can see, many of the magic mushroom penny stocks on this list, have yet to produce any revenues or cash flows which can be quite risky and overwhelming for investors, especially if you are just starting out.

Since we are likely heading into a tough economic period shortly, businesses that rely on financing alone to support their operations, often run into trouble when funding dries up, which leads to poor performance and sometimes even bankruptcy.

Because no one can predict how long a recession will last, investing in companies that are cash flow positive and use very little debt is an investor’s best bet during periods of increased uncertainty.

But given that most of the companies on this list are not in that position financially, it is probably best that you avoid investing in them for the time being, and instead follow them closely over the coming years.

That way you will always be on alert about new developments within the company and prepared to jump at a wonderful opportunity when such a moment arises.

However, if you wish to invest in psychedelic penny stocks now, prioritize those that are already generating revenues or further along in their clinical trials. These stocks will set you up for the best chance of success.

To learn more about penny stock investing and how to get started with investing in penny stocks, check out the article here.

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