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Top 5 Companies Under $5

  • Juwan Richards

    Juwan's focus is on the intersection of investing and media. Simply defined as a creative with an appreciation for curating content that audiences can both learn from and enjoy. As a buy-and-hold investor, Juwan is a trend-spotter and likes to invest in companies at the ground level. As an avid believer of Web 3.0, his strategy consists of finding companies with a unique competitive advantage and interpreting their market sentiment within the retail audience.

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You need a healthy risk appetite and a steady hand to hold through massive volatility but, once you learn how to invest in penny stocks, you can begin your journey to true financial freedom. If you haven’t invested in small-cap companies in the past, stop what you’re doing right now and read our guide to get started: The Art of Investing in Penny Stocks in 2021. 

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Now that you have a better idea of what you’re in for, here’s a list of our top 5 companies under $5: 

Cardiol Therapeutics 

(Canada: CRDL) (U.S.: CRTPF) 

Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapies for inflammatory heart disease. 

Cardiol utilizes cannabidiol (CBD) as the central component of its drug formulation and produces pharmaceutical-grade CBD in-house. This approach, which aligns with that of GW Pharma, has been making headlines recently, as global biopharma giant Jazz Pharmaceuticals fully acquired GW in a US$7.2 billion transaction. In fact, compared to GW’s process, Cardiol has a much more efficient extraction method, with a significantly lower cost. 

Plus, they are partnered up with Shoppers Drug Mart to develop and sell their CBD formulation through Shoppers’ online cannabis & CBD platform, as a proven treatment for paediatric epilepsy. 

  • $2.50 on November 26th (when we first mentioned them to our audience) 
  • $3.42 on January 14th 
  • $4.38 on March 16th
  • 75.2% gain since initial post 
  • $143.7M current market cap 

Victory Square Technologies 

(Canada: VST) (U.S.: VSQTF) (Europe: 6F6) 

Victory Square Technologies builds, acquires, and invests in promising start-ups, then provides the senior leadership and resources needed to fast-track growth. With a successful record of public and private exits, Victory Square is specialized in rapid scaling and monetization  

Victory Square’s “sweet spot is the cutting-edge tech that is shaping the fourth industrial revolution” by finding and founding companies that utilize AI, virtual reality/augmented reality, and blockchain technology to disrupt sectors like finance, health, and gaming. 

2021 brings a specific focus on digital health technology, as the world moves further into a tech-first way of living. 

  • $0.53 on December 18th (first mention) 
  • $0.64 on January 14th 
  • $0.83 on March 16th
  • 56.6% gain since initial post 
  • $62.9M current market cap 

Rritual Superfoods Inc. 

(Canada: RSF) 

Rritual Superfoods specializes in nutrient-packed elixirs that aim to benefit your mental and physical well-being. Utilizing the plethora of health benefits from functional mushrooms, Rritual has multiple product lines that focus on different aspects of mind and body health.

Rritual’s products are free of GMO, animal products, gluten and soy. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone whose dietary restrictions wouldn’t allow for their products. Not to mention these “super powders” are kept sugar- and caffeine-free, granting you the freedom to add it to coffee, or add a healthy sweetener at your own leisure. Versatility allows the customization of a superfood-empowered diet, which further promotes longevity and consistency; after all, you’re more likely to continue when you can enjoy something exactly the way you like it.

With CPG powerhouses like David Kerbel (CEO) on the team, it’s no surprise Rritual has been moving at a blistering pace, achieving organic certification in a mere 6 weeks; a fraction of time compared to the 6-9 months it usually takes. With a strong network boasting connections to Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, and Safeway… you can say Rritual is in very good hands.

  • $0.30 IPO financing (first mention)
  • $0.52 on March 9th (listing debut)
  • $0.90 on March 16th 
  • 200% gain since IPO
  • 55M current market cap

NeonMind Biosciences Inc. 

(Canada: NEON) (U.S.: NMDBF) (Europe: 6UF) 

NeonMind Biosciences Inc. is developing and commercializing products that contain legal medicinal mushrooms, whilst doing research and developing IP for various psychedelic compounds. Its first proposed drug candidate involves the administration of psilocybin (a complex organic compound found in psychedelic mushrooms) as a treatment for obesity and related illnesses for which NeonMind has started a preclinical trial at the University of British Columbia.    

NeonMind has filed ten U.S. provisional patent applications, (two which have upgraded to PCT applications, which secure a globalized IP) claiming methods of aiding in weight loss, treating compulsive eating disorder, treating obesity or a complication of obesity, and/or altering the diet of an individual by administering psilocybin and/or other psychedelic compounds or their analogues or by administering psilocybin or its analogue in conjunction with therapy or other treatments.    

NeonMind is also pursuing commercialization of its catalogue of proprietary medicinal mushroom product formulas. It recently launched a collection of four mushroom-infused coffees containing the medicinal mushrooms Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi and Cordyceps, among other nutraceuticals. 

  • $0.10 IPO financing (first mention)
  • $0.21 on January 4th (listing debut)
  • $$0.26 on March 16th 
  • 160% gain since initial post 
  • $32.5M current market cap 

Cypress Development Corp. 

(Canada: CYP) (U.S.: CYDVF) (Europe: C1Z1) 

Cypress Development Corp. is an exploration company focused on developing a 100%-owned Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada.  

Simply put, it’s an EV play. 

Electric vehicle batteries rely heavily on lithium (a resource with extremely limited supply) for production, and Cypress has an extremely attractive, producing claim in place. After the company told Tesla to beat it because his $3/share acquisition price was too low, it became clear that Cypress believes they have a long way to grow. 

  • $0.55 on November 12th (first mention) 
  • $1.32 on March 16th
  • 140% gain since initial post 
  • $130.3M current market cap 

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As you may know, we focus on small-cap companies within the market. We like innovation, we like disruption, we like scalability.

However, most of all, we like 10x opportunities.

We’re always keeping companies on our radar that have a winning mandate, solid management, and worthy fundamentals. We would like to share with you an updated collection of our top 5 companies under $5 that we think you should keep an eye on.

This collection is always rotating, as we’re keeping a close eye on what’s hot and what’s not.

Head over to the link in our bio to check out our current list.

Disclaimer: Cardiol Therapeutics, NeonMind Biosciences, Rritual Superfoods, and Victory Square Technologies are communications clients of Edge. We own shares in Cardiol Therapeutics, NeonMind Biosciences, Rritual Superfoods, Victory Square Technologies and Cypress Development Corp.

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  • Juwan Richards

    Juwan's focus is on the intersection of investing and media. Simply defined as a creative with an appreciation for curating content that audiences can both learn from and enjoy. As a buy-and-hold investor, Juwan is a trend-spotter and likes to invest in companies at the ground level. As an avid believer of Web 3.0, his strategy consists of finding companies with a unique competitive advantage and interpreting their market sentiment within the retail audience.

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