This Innovative Incubator Coming in Hot with Two IPOs

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As you may expect, a company that owns 26 companies that are positioned on the breaking edge of technology has a steady stream of updates. Lately, however, Victory Square Technologies (CANADA: VST) (U.S.: VSQTF) (EUROPE: 6F6) is making moves to expand the entire notoriety of the portfolio.

Acquisitions, financings, new additions to the boardyou name it – Victory Square has been buzzing like a nest of bees as they rapidly take on, develop, and launch their own innovative subsidiaries in this market. 

As FansUnite (CANADA: FANS) (U.S.: FUNFF) (EUROPE: 4UY) continues to trade, GameOn Entertainment Technologies and Immersive Tech are currently completed or undergoing financings to make their anticipated listing debuts; the former of which oversubscribed their financing from $1.5 million to $5.8 million. 

It’s safe to say that people are excited. 

Let’s take a second to break down and really understand these soon-to-be-public companies, within the disruptive umbrella that is VST. 

There’s something to be said about companies that are innovating in a space that we’re just finding out about; for that reason, we often find ourselves needing to learn on the fly. After all, if the company and their mandate were super obvious, would they really be an innovator? 
Let’s look further into what’s happening here.

Cloud Nine 

While we are in fact on “cloud nine” thinking about the potential of this disruptive, incubation machine, in this context we are referring to Victory Square’s latest subsidiary, Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies (CANADA: CNI) (U.S.: CLGUF). 
Cloud Nine, often dubbed the “Uber of cryptocurrency” focuses on enhancing cryptocurrency mining and storage, as well as utilizing education technology to build a better, more accessible platform for people when working with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Their two Web 3.0 technology initiatives are the focal point of their business.

  • Limitless Technology: a cryptocurrency platform designed to let users adopt a “plug & play” method of mining crypto, which lets them immediately store mined tokens in their personalized in-app wallets. The only thing a user would need is a phone and a WiFi connection. 
  • Next Decentrum: an educational technology platform utilizing active, evolutionary software content driven by the modern theories of continuous innovation, agile development, and lean thinking. 

VST recently engaged in strategic business with Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies, through the sale of IP related to their Virtual Private Network (VPN) platform to CNI, in exchange for 4,411,765 common shares of Cloud Nine at a price of $1.36/share, for a total of $6M. The VPN, built earlier this year, uses patented mining technology to generate revenue; a key aspect in Cloud Nine’s mandate. VST, having a knack for creating value in all of their intellectual property and investments, built this particular IP internally with their own expertise before successfully monetizing it.

Coupled with the exercise of 350,000 warrants of Argo Blockchain ($1.49 million in market value upon exercise) that were in possession of VST, CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani explains their monetization strategy and how it enhances shareholder value. 

“We’ve spent the last 6 years connecting with and investing in some of the brightest and disruptive minds in the Technology space; quietly building up a stockpile of applications and IP while waiting for an inflection point to start unleashing these applications to market,” said Tejani. “This $6 million sale of IP and the $1.5 million gain on Argo points to the extensive depth of the Victory Square portfolio and our ability to monetize and provide value to our shareholders.”


As we mentioned, GameOn Technologies Inc. has proven market interest, as its most recent financing was oversubscribed by almost 200%. With a board of directors boasting the likes of Mike Vorhause (DraftKings, Roblox), Sean Hurley (DraftKings), J Moses (Take-Two Interactive) and Santiago Jaramillo (FIFA at EA Sports, NBA Top Shot at Dapper Labs); we can see why. 

Game On providing consumers, broadcasters, sportsbooks and partners with interactive, social experiences around sports, TV and live events. This is a huge way to take advantage and monetize on the emerging industry within Esports, as well as the continuous growth of the entertainment industry. 

Seasoned digital media veteran, Liz Schimel, has been the latest addition to GameOn’s impressive board of directors. Previously taking lead as Head of Business for Apple News+, Schimel served as president of Condé Nast International from 2013-17 and was entrepreneur in residence at Comcast Ventures in 2018. She also has held VP roles in Nokia and AT&T. 

“With decades of experience in digital media around the globe, I’ve seen how the industry continues to evolve not only in how news and entertainment is distributed to consumers, but also how consumers then in turn interact and engage with it. GameOn is at the forefront of the new wave of interactive viewing experiences whether consumers are engaging on their TV sets or through a second screen,” says Schimel of the growing industry of interactive entertainment. 

GameOn’s recently completed issuance of 16,505,536 units will convert to 1 common share of GameOn at $0.35 and a ½ warrant of $0.52. Should GameOn common shares trade above $0.78 for 10 consecutive trading days, the 24-month term of the warrants may be accelerated. 

Immersive Tech 

Immersive Tech specializes in amusement park engineering and video game development. The last 4 years saw Immersive build out highly sought-after escape room experiences for Family Entertainment giants, APEX Entertainment and Kalahari Resorts. Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Capital One, Scotia Bank, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are a few of the powerful working relationships Immersive has built over the years, executing brand activations at events such as X-Games and Boston Hub Week, to name a few. 

Their latest venture, a company called UNCONTAINED, is the world’s first COVID-safe, free roaming AR/VR shipping container, operating as a location-based entertainment franchise. With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular (accelerated by distancing restrictions due to pandemic conditions), this is a classic example of a wellthoughtout listing of a relevant company taking full advantage of market timing.

YouTube influencer and renowned magician, Chris Ramsay, has partnered up with Immersive Tech, showcasing the allure of Immersive’s experience to his massive social media audience of 6.4 million people. Ramsay’s following spreads throughout YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

“Celebrity vlogger, magician and social media influencer Chris Ramsay will be teaming up with Immersive Tech to provide an immersive experience like no other!” said Immersive Tech CEO Tim Bieber. “While the nature of this highly anticipated experience will be kept confidential until the video premieres, I promise all that it will be a truly engaging experience that will invite fans and the public to actively participate in a companion experience. I hope that this announcement will be the start of a long and productive relationship with Mr. Ramsay,” said Bieber. 

Immersive plans to list in Q2 of this year. 

Disclaimer: Victory Square Technologies is a communications client of Edge Investments, and we own shares in the company. 

  • Edge Editorial Team

    At Edge Investments, we make investing in small cap stocks enjoyable and edge-ucational. We are here to teach you about investing, keep you up to date on news, and help connect you with companies that you may have a desire to invest in.

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