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Why This Vegan Fast-Food Joint Is More Relevant Than Ever

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The world is moving faster than ever.  

The decade of 2020 will likely see people going to Mars, a majority of cars being electric, cars driving themselves, digital artwork and music sales truly reaching the mainstream (through NFTs) … the list goes on. The most encouraging thing? It seems like the newest generation of innovators are focusing as much on the environment and health of the Earth, as they are on the bottom line.As much as we love to keep an eye on companies that are concentrated on building their brands with environmentally friendly mandates, we (as investors) need to also keep track of the bigger picture and see how world trends fit with their growth plans. 

As Globally Local (CANADA: GBLY) continues to rapidly grow their business and expand their reach, how is the world evolving around them? 

Are the economic trends surrounding Canada and the U.S. changing to their advantage, or the opposite? 

How about the rest of the world? 

As we can see, animal welfare was the reason that 54% of non-meat eaters cut out all meat consumption, whereas health was a listed reason for just over 30% of this group. 

In those who were interested in cutting down meat consumption gradually or sparingly, health was the driving factor for 48% of this group, while animal welfare only prompted 24% of this demographic. 

As people become increasingly plant-based (especially those that become vegan), their focus tends to shift from health and weight management, to the welfare of animals. What this means is that a deeper-rooted cause often comes into central view as individuals become more deeply plant-based. 

Whether you are a humanitarian, an environmentalist, a capitalist, or an intersect of all these things, there is a lot to benefit from this trend.

Many of these reasons are strong driving forces that entice the average person to switch over to a plant-based option. The issue? A lack of options in the mainstream. Historically, vegan options have been limited or required additional customization within menus and establishments. This point of friction would have many people that were curious stop the change, before they could experience it firsthand. 

This is why we are paying close attention to a company like Globally Local (CANADA: GBLY). 

Fast-food is one of the largest sections of the food industry, globally, edging shockingly close to a trillion-dollar valuation in this coming decade.  

When the decision comes across one’s mind to either: 

  • Help the environment, 
  • Increase animal welfare, 
  • Promote better gut health, or 
  • Avoid antibiotics 

The easiest way to achieve that is to grab yourself a swiftly made, house-produced comfort meal that requires no thinking; just swipe or tap a credit card. 

One of the main driving factors leading to vegetarians and vegans “relapsing” is convenience. 

Giving meat-eaters a simplified way to make a switch by providing a tasty offering, reminiscent of your favorite fast-food, is one of the best gateways for a diet that is healthier for the earth. 

Not to mention people who are already vegans can now become life-long fans of this “vegan McDonalds” and enjoy it as a treat, without feeling the guilt of eating fast-food meat. 

The benefits go far beyond immediate human or animal lives, as well. We can help maintain the planet by reducing water waste in a big way, by choosing to pick up the plant-based burger next time. 

It seems as if the days of cutting out meat periodically and sticking to fish and eggs are slowly turning into a slippery slope into veganism. 

Cutting out meat was not easy in 2010. Plant-based options (let alone plant-based restaurants) were slim. Most people, likely including your family members, wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what vegans eat, other than salads and tofu. 

Fast forward to 2021, and you’re exposed to a plethora of new vegan options, from health food to absolute binge-worthy comfort food classics, all void of slaughterhouse products.  

As statistics on the meat industry’s effect on animals and the earth keep piling up, it is nice knowing that there are countless options popping up to make life easier for you as you transition your diet. The problems are being addressed as quickly as the solutions are developing. 

In conclusion, we aren’t sure who gets more excited about there being an emerging chain of operationally advanced vegan fast-food chains. Vegans, or plant-based flexitarians. 

Either way, reducing meat consumption has never been so exciting.  

Globally Local, we’re watching you. 

Disclaimer: Globally Local Inc. is an Edge Investments communications client, and we own shares in the company. 

  • Edge Editorial Team

    At Edge Investments, we make investing in small cap stocks enjoyable and edge-ucational. We are here to teach you about investing, keep you up to date on news, and help connect you with companies that you may have a desire to invest in.

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